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Employee Experience

Get the most out your Human Capital with one central platform that puts employees first.

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Increase work happiness, decrease turnover
using the tools of Harry HR



Centralize all internal communications. Reach and engage employees regardless their location or function.



Show appreciation at the moments that matter with the modern employee loyalty system.



Gain insight into workplace sentiment. Make timely adjustments through real-time insight into Human Capital.


Provide 24/7 service and support for employees; The virtual assistant answers >70% fully automatically.



Bring the knowledge level up to speed with a modern learning experience. From gamified FAFS training to onboarding.


Guarantee knowledge and make it available in an accessible way. With comprehensive insights into knowledge needs of your workforce.


Shape and maintain corporate culture

On average, 51% of employees in medium to large organizations do not feel adequately informed at work. As a result, these employees do not understand why certain decisions are made and do not feel involved.

Harry HR – Connect centralizes internal business communication and distributes the right communication and information to the right employees within the organization. From the dashboard you will gain insight into which teams you have reached and which you have not. This way, together we ensure a better impact of internal communications.

Harry HR - Engage and inform your Employees

Know what is really going on within your organization

Every year, 13 million working days are lost due to stress, performance pressure and other burnout-related complaints. Harry HR – Measure measures the sentiment among all employees every week within 30 seconds. This way, you always have an accurate and up-to-date insight into employee satisfaction and work perception.

Our unique SatisQuestions® measuring method for employee engagement and happiness lets employees answer three statements per week with a single tap on one of the four Emoji’s. From the Harry HR dashboard, you gain insight into report rates, the organization’s eNPS and which parts of the Employee Experience need extra attention.

Harry HR Employee Insights Dashboard

The modern loyalty program for employees

Several studies show that only 2 out of 5 employees perform at their optimal level. The most commonly cited reason for this is that many employees do not feel valued; especially when they have performed above average emotionally.

Introduce a modern loyalty program for employees with Loyalty by Harry HR. Challenge all employees and teams to earn points in the digital environment for employees. Link the system to the cash register system, the ticket centre or any other business software to distribute points fully automatically for exceptional performance. Employees also earn points by actively contributing to the company culture, the knowledge base and even when it’s their birthday.

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