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Employee Experience 🎉

Harry HR is a fully suited Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that centralizes employees communications, services and support. 

Harry HR Employee Experience Indicator

Digital Employee Experience
done right

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Reach out to all employees on a single and unified platform

Fact: On average, 51% of employees don’t feel well-informed at work.
They don’t understand the “why” of decisions taken and won’t feel aligned.

Get and keep connected throughout the whole organization with a Social Media alike interface. Personalize workforce communication and make it social to drive change and increase Employee Experience.

Harry HR - Engage and inform your Employees
Harry HR Employee Insights Dashboard


Redefine Pulse Surveys by continuous SatisQuestions® wellbeing surveys

Fact: In the UK only: 13 Million working days were lost due to work-related stress, work and performance anxiety or depression (because of work related issues) in the year 2019. 

We make sure you know your workforce, promised. Our bite-sized SatisQuestions® method extracts the true sentiment of your organization. By a a single tap on one out of four Emojis your employees share their feelings on Wellbeing and Employee Experience. Surveys made fun while you gather accurate and real-time insights in your organization.



Show loyalty to employees just like you do to customers

Fact: Several studies show that only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance. Mostly because they don’t feel appreciated.

Loyalty Programs shouldn’t exist for customers only. That’s why we have a modern approach to Employee Loyalty. Just like any retailer we reward your employees and teams with points which they can redeem for real-life rewards. Showing appreciation to teams and employees who deliver well, engagement will be boosted throughout your organization.

The era of Employee Experience has arrived

Happy & Satisfied Employees

Invest in Employee Experience
Boost your business

You know Customer Experience? Think of this emails you've received from some retailers at your birthday. Within Customer Experiences we'll put customers centrally and that's exactly the thing Harry HR does with your Employees. We thrive your Employee Experience.

A single spot in your organization for internal comms, pulse surveys, learning and development, support, knowledge. In short: Harry HR's platform makes the lifes of your employees a little less complicated while you gather lots of insights into your People's Analytics. By doing so, together we make sure you'll improve your organization while caring about your most valuable asset: Your Employees.

Outreach to all employees

Deliver the right information, at the right spot towards the right employee(-s). 

Connect and involve employees

Connect both desk as non-desk workers without a hassle using the Social Wall.

Socialize knowledge throughout your organisation

Empower your workforce by the learning experience and social knowledge base.

Insights into the Employee Experience in your organisation

Know the sentiment and true feeling amongst your employees in real-time.

Catch up with the true sentiment of your organization ☺

By using the Harry HR EXP you'll gather a lot of 'soft-data' about your employees. We turn this into a unified People KPI: The Employee Experience Indicator.

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