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Build, maintain, serve and monitor Employee Experiences your Employees will love.

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Make the most out of your Human Capital with Harry HR’s Employee Experience Platform

Harry HR's Employee Experience Platform
Your workforce new best friend

Service world-class Digital Employee Experiences from a single environment to fully serve and support your employees. Harry HR offers a full suite of solutions to build, maintain and monitor the Employee Experience of your most important asset: Your Human Capital.

Centralized Social Internal Communications

Open up conversations with all tpes of workers. Start your internal Social Media Channel.

Employee Loyalty Program

Motivate, reward and recognize employees by the Employee Loyalty Program.

Understand workforce concerns and needs

Measure the true sentiment amongst your employees. Bite-sized, ongoing.

Create a Learning and Development Culture

Author, distribute and monitor eLearning and Onboarding from a single space.

Knowledge Base

Build and maintain an Internal Knowledge Base that suits all generations.

Provide lightning fast service and support

Provide service and support for Employees through a centralized Servicedesk.

One app that
serves all workers

Create happiness at your workplace with the digital Employee Experience Platform.

A centralized environment for internal communications

Centralize Internal Communications with Harry HR – Connect

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Internal communications platform with social media alike functionalities

Catching up
becomes an enjoyable habbit

Every worker has it’s own personalized timeline based on their interest, function and location. Our unique algorithm creates a mix of social and important updates to make every interaction a positive experience and keep your workers engaged. Get rid off language barriers with machine learned content translations in over 30 languages.

Social Wall - Connect - Harry HR
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Team, Group and 1:1 Chat

All coworkers in handreach

Instant messaging with colleagues in a secure environment via
Team, Group and 1:1 Chats.

Chat - Connect - Harry HR
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When time is a crucial factor

Reach everyone quickly
with Breaking News

Sometimes you’ll need to send out an urgent update througout your organization. Think about an emergency, a new (important) deal or another quick heads up for all (or a specific group of) workers. With Breaking News your message gets empowered with an email, push notification and attention on in-company TVs.

Crisis Comms - Connect - Harry HR
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Know who you don't reach

Measure and understand the
impact of internal comms

Pinpoint teams, functions and locations who actively participate in your company’s culture and the one’s that don’t. From now on you’ll know which areas within your organization to focus on and you’ll get to better understand why those areas are less (or more) engaged than others.

Impact Insights - Connect - Harry HR
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Drag and Drop Email Campaign Builder

Build email campaigns that
breathe your company's culture

Send out newsletters, important updates or compliments to all employees or specific target groups. Build the email campaign you desire with the Drag and Drop email builder. 

Email Campaigns - Connect - Harry HR
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Create audiences for internal communications

Target campaigns and updates to the right in-company audiences

Make sure conversations and updates reach the right people. Build and target your internal communications audiences with the Target Group builder that looks after your existing HR Data. Or shape up a new internal community by setting up a Social Flow which can be followed by anyone within the company.

Target Groups - Connect - Harry HR

Build stronger employee relationships

Start a Points Based Employee Loyalty Program with Harry HR – Loyalty

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Motivate with Employee Loyalty Points

Reward and motivate
committed employees

Turn hard work and achievement into tangible rewards with loyalty points for employees. By earning points, employees can save up for rewards they really want.

Loyalty Points - Loyalty - Harry HR
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Boost work happiness and engagement

Make employees happier
with effective compliments

Let colleagues show each other that they appreciate their work and achievements with compliments. In the employee environment, any employee can send a compliment to a colleague in an instant. If desired, the compliment can be provided with employee loyalty points.

Compliments - Loyalty - Harry HR
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Continuous moments of appreciation

Appreciation with impact.
Fully automated.

Quickly build a fully automated employee loyalty program with Harry HR – Loyalty Moments. From a catalog of more than 350 moments – spread throughout the year – choose the ones that matter to your staff.
Think of Compliment Day, Labor Day and Christmas.

Loyalty Moments - Loyalty - Harry HR
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Show employees that you are always there for them

Sending a card. Reinvented.

Send a card at the moments that really matter. A compliment, a get well card or a congratulations card; with or without employee loyalty points. Managers from across the organization can access a section of the dashboard that allows them to send a card to their team members within seconds. This saves time, money and you guard the identity of the organization.

Send eCards - Loyalty - Harry HR
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Give the rewards your employees love 🎁

Let your employees pick
the rewards they want

Stocked from the get-go with local products and gift cards with availability in over 80 countries. We take care of the logistics and finance so you can focus on further motivating your staff. From the dashboard, you can easily add staff discounts and promotions yourself.

Employee Loyalty Store - Loyalty - Harry HR

Leader in Employee Experience
Since 2017

Since the start in 2017, Harry HR has grown rapidly. At this moment, we are active in 21 countries all over the world, improving Employee Experiences for a wide variety of industries and workers.

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Understand the needs and challenges

Measure work happiness and wellbeing with Harry HR – Measure

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Catch the sentiment with Emoji-based surveys

Catch up on the sentiment
in 20 seconds

Harry HR – Measure comes with a pre-completed set of scientifically proven questions to determine true sentiment around Employee Experience. Your employees receive three SatisQuestions® every two weeks that they can easily – and securely – answer by tapping one of the four emojis.

SatisQuestions Survey - Measure - Harry HR
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Offer 100% anonymity; because it's a matter of trust

Preserve anonymity
of all workers

Individual responses are never displayed. From the Harry HR – Dashboard, only aggregated results are presented with a minimum of three active team members having answered a survey. All information collected by the platform is strictly protected and stored according to high-quality industry standards.

Anonymous Pulse Survey - Measure - Harry HR
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Catch the honest opinion from your employee base within a single hour

Involve employees in
critical decision-making

With ‘Burning Matters’ in Harry HR – Measure you send out a measurement among all, or a specific group, of employees within one minute. Employees receive a push notification, email and message on the Social Wall so they are aware of the ‘Burning Matter’ within the shortest possible time. On average, within one hour of sending out the question, a clear sentiment can be seen about the question asked.

Burning Matters Survey - Measure - Harry HR
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Understand the true feelings and emotions of your employees

Start with understanding
Focus on improvement

Give executives within your organization the right tools to continuously monitor the employee experience of their teams. Tracking and improving the employee journey thus becomes a continuous process. By making areas for improvement clear and insightful, the HR department acts as a worthy improvement partner throughout the organization.

Actionable Insights Wellbeing - Measure - Harry HR
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Measuring Satisfaction. Snackified.

Continuously measure satisfaction in a bite-sized way

Let employees experience that participating in an organizational satisfaction survey is not boring and cumbersome. Harry HR’s questions are answered with a single tap on an Emoji. Away with complicated sliders, extensive input fields and endless answer options. We’ve made the process of employee surveying simple, quick and understandable for all employees; regardless of education level, gender and spoken language.

Higher Participation Surveys - Measure - Harry HR

Skill up your employees

Author and distribute in-company training, learning experiences and onboarding with Harry HR – Learn

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Provide in-company training and elearning

The learning environment employees will actually use

Provide a central environment for learning and development for all employees. Based on HR data – for example, work location or position – Harry HR – Learn displays a personalized offer of appropriate in-company training courses. Suitable for any type of employee, accessible on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

In-company Learning Experience - Learn - Harry HR
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Build an in-company course without the need for IT knowledge

From gamified course to on-site QR code scavenger hunt

Build effective training for your employees with the built-in Course Creator in Harry HR – Learn. Choose from a wide selection of building blocks such as a memory game, a crossword puzzle or watching a video. When you are satisfied with the result, publish the training with the click of a button.

Author in-company training - Learn - Harry HR
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Build and provide personal onboarding journeys

Build onboarding journeys your new hires and leaders love

Without IT knowledge, build your own Onboarding Journeys for new employees. By building with drag and drop building blocks, you can build a successful onboarding program within minutes. Choose whether the journey you build will be assigned to all new employees or assigned to a select target group of new employees. The onboarding journey expresses itself as a to-do list for both employee and manager so that together they keep a grip on a successful onboarding.

Onboarding Journey Builder - Learn - Harry HR
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Motivate. Teach. Repeat.

Learning and development as part of work habits

Motivate your employees when they successfully contribute to strengthening the organization. When a training course is completed, a large compliment (including confetti) appears on the employee’s screen. The positive result is shared – if desired – with immediate colleagues, creating a stronger group culture and motivating colleagues to keep learning. Specify whether loyalty points can be earned with a specific training course. This way, following and achieving in-company training is rewarded and creates a clear incentive for employees.

Motivate Learning Experience - Learn - Harry HR
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Assign in-company training materials in a few taps

Align your workers with in-company training materials

Distribute in-company training courses conveniently and quickly. With Smart Filters, you compile a target group to which you distribute course materials based on existing HR data. The targeted group gets a clear notification when they are assigned a new training course. If desired, reminders will follow when people from the target group have not completed the training – on time. You maintain an overview of training performance with the real-time insight report.

Assign an in-company training - Learn - Harry HR

Interested in how Harry HR improves your organization?

Let’s get in touch! Our team members love to catch up on your current challenges and experiences regarding your human capital. Together we investigate which products from Harry HR can help your organization to level up the Employee Experience.

Build and maintain incompany knowledge. Together.

Create, share and maintain in-company knowledge together with Harry HR – Knowledge

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Stop the search struggle with the Social Internal Knowledge Base

Improve work processes and increase quality through effective knowledge sharing

Make every employee a knowledge keeper with the social internal knowledge base for employees. This is built around a structure established by the organization to maintain a clean environment. From there, employees see only the knowledge that matters to them. This prevents searching for – or worse, not being able to find – the right knowledge.

Knowledge Base for Employees - Knowledge - Harry HR
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Provide knowledge base items with an owner

Obtain feedback and automatic quality notifications on knowledge base items

Provide all knowledge domains and knowledge base items with an owner within the organization. This employee is responsible for keeping the knowledge base item up-to-date. All colleagues help by providing simple and structured feedback on knowledge base items. When items have not received attention for some time, both the knowledge custodian and owner receive a signal for a revision.

Feedback and Quality Control - Knowledge - Harry HR
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Discover your employees' knowledge needs

Respond to the knowledge needs of your employees

Monitor which knowledge items are accessed where, when and by which teams and departments. This way, you will find out the knowledge needs of the employees within your organization and you can further invest in optimizing the internal knowledge management.

Knowledge Needs Insights - Knowledge - Harry HR
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Immediate access to the right knowledge

Smart QR codes give instant access to the right knowledge

Generate and place QR codes on devices and specific locations in the workplace, which provide direct access to the appropriate knowledge base item via the employee environment. For example, consider a device with a video instruction within the Knowledge Base for Employees. By scanning the QR code on the device with the employee app, the video appears directly on the screen. This saves time for all employees and creates repetitive work processes.

Quick Access QR codes - Knowledge - Harry HR
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Break down internal language barriers

Prevent lack of knowledge due to language barriers

Using artificial intelligence, the employee knowledge base can translate – fully automatically – knowledge base items and documents into more than 30 languages. In this way, all employees, regardless of the language they speak, have access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Translate Internal Knowledge Base - Knowledge - Harry HR

Redefine the employee service and support channel

Orchestrate and optimize the employee service and support with Harry HR – Service

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AI powered virtual assistant for all employees

Save time and frustration with the virtual assistant for employees

Say goodbye to phone helpdesk queues and overflowing mailboxes with service and support enquiries. The virtual assistant searches through existing knowledge of your organization and answers your employees’ questions instantly and always. When a question or comment requires human attention, the assistant creates a service ticket that can be handled by the relevant department from the service desk portal.

Virtual Assistant for Employees - Service - Harry HR
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Centralize service and support requests

Gain control over service and support requests from employees

See new service and support requests from your employees come directly into the service desk of the Harry HR Dashboard. Service and support tickets from employees are automatically routed to the appropriate department or employee. With the help of statuses and follow-up, no request goes out of focus.

Through a 1:1 Chat-like conversation, or of course a face-to-face meeting, the request can then be handled. Meanwhile, the platform measures the processing time and category of support need, among other things, building useful insights into the needs of your employees and the performance of your service and support channel.

Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR
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Provide HR Service & Support requests throughout a centralized support channel

Say goodbye to offbeat service and support channels for HR

The continuous flow of service and support requests from your employees can cause much of your time to be wasted in handling them. And that, while in most cases the requests are of the same nature – sometimes even identical. Consider the question: When will salary be paid? Such questions are immediately and always handled by the virtual assistant while questions that require your attention are passed on to you. This way, employees are always directly addressed by the virtual assistant and when necessary by a colleague.

HR Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR
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Provide IT support and requests through the central employee support channel

Say goodbye to offbeat service and support channels for IT

Imagine this: your office computer is very slow and you need help to fix it. In that case, you are often asked to create a support ticket through the IT Service Portal. Harry HR offers a total solution that allows the service portal to accept all service and support requests from employees through the same interface.

Requests are handled by the IT department through the Harry HR Dashboard or forwarded to an existing support platform such as Jira or SolarWinds. The employee always obtains the response to their request through the Harry HR environment for employees. This way you simplify the support process and take away frustrations from your employees.

IT Support Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR
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Provide Facility Management & Support and requests through the central employee support channel

Say goodbye to offbeat service and support channels for Facility Management

Picture this: The elevator in the office is broken and needs repair; What would you do? You probably report it to a colleague or put a post-it on the elevator door. At worst, you do nothing and several colleagues get frustrated.

With the Harry HR environment for employees, you make a report to facility management – including a picture of the situation – in seconds, which they can handle directly from the service desk. This simplifies the support process and removes frustration from your employees.

Facility Management Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR
Branding Harry HR - Platform - Harry HRBranding Customer - Platform - Harry HR

The environment for employees
That breathes your brand

Offer your employees a platform that is fully customized to match the look and feel of your organization. By default, each Harry HR environment is customizable to match your organization’s appropriate identity, and your employees will use Harry HR’s web address and apps. Does your organization need a fully white-labeled app and intranet? We offer several options to create a unique digital Employee Experience environment for your employees.

The central environment for
all employees in your organization

Centralize employees needs and support with the Harry HR Employee Experience Platform

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The central digital place to be for all employees

Provide a central location that is suitable for every type of worker

Work habits are changing at lightning speed. From working from home to working at times convenient to the employee. Perhaps the biggest challenge of these changes is maintaining the human factor and the DNA of your organization. Harry HR brings all types of employees together, regardless of the position they hold and the type of device they (want to) use. This way, you will always be close to your employees, regardless of their work habits.

Employees App & Devices - Platform - Harry HR
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The dashboard that provides insights into Employee Experiences

One dashboard to maintain positive Employee Experiences

Build and manage everything relevant to your employees from one central dashboard. Whether it’s building the knowledge base, viewing satisfaction for a specific location or responding to an employee service request. The Harry HR Employee Experience Dashboard is simple and secure to use.

Employee Experience Dashboard - Platform - Harry HR
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Automatically keep your Employee Data in sync

Forget manually updating Employees Data with Smart Integrations

Don’t waste time manually tracking your employee data. Harry HR’s platform integrates with your existing HR or WFM software so your employee data is always up-to-date. If required, Harry HR can feed data back to your Core HR platforms.

The various products of Harry HR are also provided with an external API (including extensive and clear documentation) and can be used on the Zapier platform.

Example: Employee X reports sick > The Core HR platform signals to Harry HR > Harry HR sends a virtual get well card to Employee X.

Employee Data Sync - Platform - Harry HR
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A single space for all employee-oriented applications

Stop the search struggle.
One-stop-shop for employees.

Create a single place with the applications hub for employees. Bring in all important applications and websites that are relevant to your workers without the need for IT-knowledge. If tools vary per function, location or any other employee data attribute you may easily target shortcuts to the right target audiences within your organization. 

The Hub Insights gives you a better understanding of the tools being (actively) used and when they are used by your employees.

Applications Hub for Employees - Platform - Harry HR
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Let's improve Employee Experiences together

Together, we build a better Employee Experience

Don’t worry about implementing Harry HR within your organization. We have dealt with this before and are happy to share our knowledge and experience to successfully launch your digital environment for employees.

In the Harry HR Customers Community we bring customers and main users of our platform together to share inspiration and experiences. We also organize regular (online) knowledge sessions that are free to all Harry HR customers.

Implement - Platform - Harry HR

Respond to new generations
Elevate Employee Experiences

Interested in elevating Employee Experiences within your organization? Reach out to us or ask for more information. Our goal is to provide great work experiences for all workers and we love to share our perspectives and experiences with you.

We share our vision and opinions in our
Employee Experience Blog

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