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Too many organisations are managed only by looking after financial results. We aim to set a new standard by bringing in the Employee Experience Indicator in addition to those. 

We ♥ our work and we believe everyone should. That’s why we help organisations and their employees to make the best out of each single day at work.

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Founded in 2016

Our journey so far 🚀

The start of our Employee Experience

Founded in 2016

ITéaal Beheer BV booted of as an IT company with a focus on 'human software and data'.

1st of September 2016

Bodegraven, the Netherlands

The first Employee Survey tool that works with Emoji's


By wrapping up Satisfaction and Questionnaire we've discovered the term SatisQuestions®. Our unique method to measure wellbeing without language borders and the 'snackable' way.

24th of February 2017

Bodegraven, the Netherlands

The Union Labour, the Netherlands

First customer go-live

A proud moment for our team; the first go-live of our platform for SatisQuestions. Including the baseline for our Social Wall and Employee HR Support system.

1st of April 2018

Culemborg, the Netherlands

The full featured Employee Experience Platform

Launch of Harry HR EXP and Virtual Assistant

Just before the COVID-19 crisis hit the world we've finished the development of the Harry Employee Experience Platform. World's first complete Employee Experience Platform.

1st of February 2020

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Serving 25.000+ employees worlwide on a daily-base

Harry HR EXP went global

The platform already was a huge success within the Netherlands and catched interest of several organisations abroad. The first customer from outside the Netherlands was a fact.

1st of October 2020

Ibiza, Spain

Introducing something special and unique

Launch of the Employee Experience Indicator

We believe the time is here to change behaviour to catch up on organisation's performances. The COVID-19 crisis learned us to employee engagement and employee experience is more important than ever. Our aim is to set a new standard for all organisations in the world by bringing in a unified KPI to catch up on Employees. Our goal is to see this KPI back in all annual reports within the next 10 years.

1st of January 2021

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Happy & Satisfied Employees

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