Employee Engagement and Employee Communication Platform

Reach all employees 📣

Engage employees with two-way communication channels, email campaigns disregardless their working location and device 👋

✅ Reach all workers, desk-based and on-site 🖥️📱 All Devices 🗣️ Thrive conversations

32k+ Employees receive internal communications through Harry HR – Connect

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Thrive internal communications and communities with the Social Wall

Say goodbye to the era of one-way communication 👋

Start the conversation with your colleagues via the Social Wall. From crisis communication to yoga community; think of it as the organization's internal Social Media channel. Harry HR - Connect's algorithm ensures that the must-reads reach your employees but also that they are served the messages they want to see.


With different post types and like options, you quickly measure sentiment in the organisation. And through the 'reply options' to posts, you ensure that every employee can join the conversation.


In no time, all employees will feel more involved in the organisation.

Employees decide what Flows to follow

Email, Push, App, Desktop and TV

Employee Comms translated by AI

Evolve Internal Communications - Engage all employees

Serve the transparency and authenticity your workforce demands 💎

Communicating purpose and social conscience and aligning values and mission with business goals has become an important challenge for all organizations 🦸

Changes in the modern workforce require a change in the approach to internal communication. Today, communication towards employees goes beyond simply sharing information. It includes building relationships, fostering collaboration, promoting innovation and increasing engagement. Harry HR – Connect allows employees to share their ideas, perspectives and experiences, give feedback and hear what is happening in the organization.

In this way, Harry HR – Connect contributes to a positive work culture and ensures increased connection with the organization and better performance of the organization as a whole.

Employees Network within Organization

Centralized Comms

All internal comms accessible from a single place. Create powerful communities within your organization.
Bra arbetsplats - Harry HR Loyalty

Good Employement

Research revealed: Poor Employee Communication sometimes is so bad that it drives people to quit.
Medarbetarengagemang - Harry HR Loyalty

Engagemang hos medarbetarna

Employees - especially Gen Z - actually feel part of the organisation when it has an internal social media platform.

Centralize Employee Communications 🦺👔

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  • Social Wall - Internal Social Media Platform

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  • Drag-and-Drop Email Campaigns & Push Notifications

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  • Reach employees by Email, PC, (Private) Tablet & Smartphone and TV

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  • Real-time insights into reach (and not reached) and sentiment

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