🎓 Academic Research proves that employees within organizations that provide a Points-Based Employee Loyalty Program – like Harry HR Loyalty® – show higher intrinsic motivation and higher employee engagement.

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Virtual Assistant and Support Ticket System for Employees

Harry HR – Loyalty® Software engages and motivates your employees. Reward your workforce with Employee Loyalty Points which they can spend in the plug-and-play Employee Loyalty Store.

Harry HR – Loyalty® works with a Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing Scheme:

  • € 3,00 per Employee per Month (1 – 500 FTE employees)
  • € 2,50 per Employee per Month (500> employees)

5% Handling Fee on funding prepaid loyalty store funds.

  • Employee Loyalty Points.
  • Automated Rewards (i.e. Birthday and Company Anniversary).
  • Plug-and-Play Loyalty Store for Employees.
  • Integrates with Third-Party Tools like your Cash Counter and Rota.
  • Send compliments to co-workers (with or without Employee Loyalty Points)
  • Clear insights on outstanding points and high-performing Team Members.
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Employees in over 21 countries enjoy Harry HR at work. They receive Employee Loyalty Points at special days; like their birthday, Send compliments to their colleagues and Celebrate anniversaries at work while working towards their self-picked saving goal.

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All the tools for providing a great employee loyalty program - all under one roof.

Organizations without an Employee Loyalty and Rewards Program will find that they have more difficulties to engage and motivate their workforces. A properly designed Employee Rewards Program will let any organization perform better; Increasing Employee Engagement, Higher Employee Retention Rates and Boost Customer Satisfaction.

Harry HR – Loyalty® brings all the tools you need to deploy a modern and enjoyable Employee Loyalty Program without any friction.

Now you have time to focus on what really matters most to your organization: Your Human Capital.

Employee Loyalty Done Right

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Create happy faces in the workplace by letting employees choose the rewards they want.

Harry HR Employee Loyalty Store
Popular Features

Employee Loyalty Store 🛍️

Give all employees the choice of Rewards they really love. With the built-in Employee Loyalty Store, offer a comprehensive Rewards Catalog from the get-go with offerings in 80+ countries and 700+ Stores and Webshops; including Amazon, AirBnB and Nike. Or add your own unique products, such as mercandise or organization discount coupons.

Saving Goals 🐖

Nothing is more fun than working toward a savings goal AND eventually purchasing that which you have saved (and worked) hard for. With savings goals, employees themselves select a Reward for which they want to save. Each time employees gain loyalty points, the application shows the progress towards the savings goal. Once the savings goal is reached, the moment is extra celebrated (with confetti on your screen! 😉 ).

Corporate (Holiday) Gifts 🎄

In the employee loyalty store, you can offer your own merchandise and products in addition to digital gift cards. In the period around the holidays, you can (have) a special offer placed so that employees can choose their own holiday gift. With this you no longer need any other tools regarding Loyalty and Rewards.

Employee Loyalty Software That Grows With You

From small to enterprise, Harry HR – Loyalty® grows with you and your teams to ensure your Human Capital receives the best Employee Loyalty and Rewards Program.

Receive 10% Discount on the Total Bill when you combine multiple Harry HR Products.


< 500 Employees
€ 3,00 per Employee per Month


> 500 Employees
€ 2,50 per Employee per Month

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harry HR - Loyalty®

Employee Loyalty and Engagement software helps organizations engage, motivate, satisfy and reward employees with (automated) rewards whenever there is an important event or moment that matters to the organization, the department, the team or in the life and career of employees. It brings management and employees the tools to catch up with their Employee Loyalty Program and let them spend their earned Rewards in a virtual Employee Loyalty Store.

Harry HR – Loyalty® has a pay as you grow pricing model. Up to 500 employees it costs € 3.00 per employee per month, above it costs € 2.50 per employee per month.

Yes! Harry HR – Loyalty® has an external API available so that you can connect it to any other Third-Party Tool and Platform. By doing so, you can trigger custom loyalty happenings (i.e. Whenever a team member worked it’s 500th hour).

Harry HR- Loyalty® comes with a large Gift Card Catalog to fill your Employee Loyalty Store without a hassle. We offer gift cards in over 80 countries and over 700+ Retailers like Amazon, Nike and AirBnB.

Harry HR – Loyalty® works fully automatically and comes with a pre-filled Employee Loyalty Store. Our unique Employee Loyalty Points Program is unique and Scientfically Proven.

Harry HR’s award-winning customer support team is here to help with all your (technical) questions.

Have a problem setting up your Harry HR Environment? Can’t figure out how to create a new product in the Employee Loyalty Store? No problem.

All customers of Harry HR have access to chat and email support. If you have Enterprise Products you will have a dedicated Employee Success Manager who you can reach out to by phone and email. 

Your organization runs on trust, so do we. Harry HR approaches data security, (employee) privacy and control by an end-to-end approach. Our platform is powered by state of the art technology platforms which ensure a quick, stable and secure infracstructure that keeps your data and your people safe. Read more about our approach towards Data Safety here.

Out of the box, Harry HR – Loyalty®, has extensive insights and reporting capabilities:

Catch up with any employee to view their current points amount or generate a report with a complete overview of your total workforce and their Employee Loyalty Points.

Quickly inventarize teams that perform at their best or check out which Employee Loyalty Products are popular amongst your Human Capital.

If you perhaps have other Reporting Needs where here to help you.

Don’t Worry, Harry HR is very simple to use; even without any IT Knowledge. But, if you need our help you can always reach out to our support team or your dedicated Employee Success Manager (Enterprise). 

If your organization makes use of more Harry HR Products those can be interconnected. In example: Whenever you hand over Employee Loyalty Points towards a specific team; you can announce this (automatically) via the Social Wall . Or, if one of your team members posted a new Knowledge Item within Harry HR – Knowledge® he/she may receive some Employee Loyalty Points for sharing knowledge. These, and other automatic rewards are integrated within the Harry HR Platform. 

Any organization can get started with Harry HR – Loyalty® within a couple of days! We need a file with data of your employees in order to provide them with a Harry HR Account. After that, our team will help you to successfully launch your new Employee Loyalty Program.

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