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Centralize internal corporate communication with Connect by Harry HR.

Internal Communications

Here’s what makes Connect by Harry HR unique

All colleagues within reach

The Social Wall
Involve all employees

An internal communication channel presented as a social media platform. Employees can respond to messages by means of a reaction or a ‘like’. Crowdsource within the organization and instantly see the sentiment around updates.

Target Groups
Reach the right groups of employees

Create target groups in a snap so that internal communications flow in the right direction. From an important notification to all employees to an announcement to all IT staff.

Automatic Translations
Away with language barriers

When internal communications are sent out, the platform automatically recognizes the language in which a message has been composed. Employees who speak another language automatically receive a translated message.

Congratulate co-workers
in case of special events

Never forget a birthday, anniversary or other special event. The platform automatically sends congratulations on special events. In addition, a message is placed on the Social Wall so that colleagues can congratulate each other.

Highlights – Connect by Harry HR

Colleagues within easy reach

Involve all employees
Connect colleagues in a fun and modern way.
Reach out to the right peers
Quick setup of target audiences so you reach who you want to reach.
Get rid of language barriers
Internal communications for all employees.
Congratulate colleagues
Put special events in the spotlights.
Happy & Satisfied Employees

🎯Centralize internal communications
⤴ Increase employee engagement

Highlights – Connect by Harry HR

The platform for creation, management and reporting of internal comms

Create engaging content

Set up content that makes employees happy in no time. Easily add media such as videos and photos or refer to another element in the Harry HR Platform – for example, a training course or item in the knowledge base. With the drag and drop editor, you can finally create the newsletter you’ve had in mind for a long time.

From email to digital signage

Control various communication flows through a single platform: messages on the Social Wall, newsletters by email, push notifications and even narrowcasting / television screens. This way you really reach all employees; from employees on location to office staff.

Understand the impact of internal communications

Clear and concise reports ensure that you know the impact of internal communications. Categorize internal communications into ‘Topics’ and discover the total reach of internal communications around a business objective.

Harry HR - Engage and inform your Employees

With our help, you’ll be live within 60 days

Harry HR - Company wellbeing measure software platform

Increase employee engagement

Start every workday with a smile

What could be better than starting the day with a cup of coffee or tea and taking in the news within the organization? From important news to congratulating colleagues on their birthday, you can find it all in the Harry HR Platform.

From home, at the office or on location. On your smartphone, tablet, smart phone or television in the company canteen. Inspire colleagues with valuable and fun content and connect professionals from across the organization.

Connect by Harry HR is designed so that anyone can quickly start using it; just like Instagram and Whatsapp. We designed the platform so that the application breathes your organization’s corporate identity, making it a beacon of recognition for all employees.

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Connect by Harry HR

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