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Optimize Employee Service and Support

Improve employee service experience with Harry HR – Service. Centralize and streamline all service and support requests for your employees, eliminating inefficient channels and enhancing your organization’s performance.

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Elevate Employee Service Experience

Transform your organization’s service landscape with Harry HR – Service, a dynamic solution built to streamline employee support channels and enhance service delivery. By centralizing requests and leveraging intelligent assistance, you can drive efficiency, satisfaction, and operational excellence.

Centralized Employee Service Desk

Simplify service requests by consolidating them into a unified platform, eliminating scattered channels and optimizing response times.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Empower employees with instant answers to their inquiries, reducing reliance on traditional channels.

Service Coordination

Improve cross-functional collaboration and coordination by centralizing service requests across departments, promoting efficiency and accountability.

Employee Support

Provide employees with a comprehensive support system that caters to their diverse needs, enhancing their productivity and satisfaction.

Actionable Insights

Gain insights into service performance and employee needs through keen analytics, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Empower Your Employees
Optimize Service Delivery

Streamline Your Service Desk Operations

Efficiently manage and prioritize incoming tickets and requests within your organization’s dashboard. With Harry HR – Service, tickets are automatically routed to the appropriate individuals or departments, ensuring timely resolution and optimal resource allocation.

Automated Ticket Routing

Tickets are intelligently directed to the right department or employee, reducing response times and improving efficiency.

Priority Management

Easily prioritize tickets based on urgency or impact, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly.

Customizable Ticket Forms

Tailor ticket submission forms to capture relevant information for each type of request, streamlining the resolution process.

Real-time Insights

Gain valuable insights into service desk performance, ticket volumes, and resolution times, enabling continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

Effortlessly Create and Manage Tickets

Empower employees to easily submit service requests and inquiries with Harry HR – Service’s intuitive ticket creation process. Our AI-powered virtual assistant simplifies the process further by providing instant answers to common questions and automatically generating tickets when necessary.

Intuitive Ticket Creation

Employees can quickly create tickets using simple forms or natural language inputs, minimizing friction and enhancing user experience.

24/7 Support Availability

With our virtual assistant always available, employees can submit tickets and receive assistance anytime, anywhere, improving accessibility and responsiveness.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant guides employees through the ticket creation process, providing instant support and generating tickets seamlessly.

Instant Notifications

Deliver immediate updates to employees whenever there's progress or a response to their queries, enhancing transparency and communication.

Actionable Service & Support Insights

Gain valuable insights into service performance and employee needs to drive continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports on service desk performance, ticket resolution times, employee satisfaction levels, and more to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Employee Usage Patterns

Understand how employees interact with the service desk, such as preferred channels and peak activity times, to streamline service delivery and improve accessibility.

Data Visualization

Visualize service metrics through intuitive charts and graphs, allowing for easy interpretation and analysis of key performance indicators.

Service Feedback Analysis

Utilize employee feedback and sentiment analysis to gauge satisfaction levels and identify opportunities for service enhancements.

Smooth integration with your HR infrastructure

Harry HR – Service seamlessly integrates with leading HR platforms like Workday and ADP, ensuring every employee receives timely communication throughout their journey, from onboarding to offboarding. Harness the power of connectivity for a cohesive and engaging personalized employee experience.

Overview Functionalities
Harry HR - Service

Discover the robust capabilities of Harry HR – Service, meticulously crafted to centralize and elevate employee service and support. From AI-powered virtual assistants to streamlined ticket management, unlock a suite of tools designed to revolutionize your organization’s service delivery and enhance employee satisfaction.

Service Hub

Empower employees to effortlessly create and manage tickets through the centralized service hub.

24/7 Employee Support

Enhance employee productivity with round-the-clock assistance from our AI-powered virtual assistant.


Seamlessly integrate various communication channels to provide a unified service experience for employees.

Chat-Alike Tickets

Deliver responses in a conversational format, complete with attachments, for a more engaging user experience.

Brand Design

Customize the service desk interface to reflect the branding and identity of your organization.

Service Performance

Gain insights into service performance metrics, including adherence to SLAs and proactive alerts for unresolved tickets.

Service Forms

Tailor service request forms to suit your organization's and employees specific needs and workflows.

Actionable Insights

Harness data-driven insights to optimize service delivery and enhance employee satisfaction.

Unified Service Desk

Standardize ticket intake processes across departments for improved efficiency and consistency in service management.

General Questions

Explore the General Questions section to resolve common inquiries regarding Harry HR – Service. Uncover key insights to deepen your understanding and maximize your platform experience.

Harry HR - Service centralizes all service and support requests for and from employees, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of support processes within the organization.

Technical Questions

Discover the technical intricacies of Harry HR – Service in our Technical Questions section. Gain insights into system requirements, security protocols, and integration capabilities to enhance your experience with our platform.

Harry HR - Service is a web-based platform accessible through any modern web browser. There is no need for additional software installation. However, a stable internet connection is required for optimal performance.

Billing Questions

Dive into billing-related queries within our Billing Questions section. Obtain clear insights into subscription plans, payment methods, and billing cycles to efficiently manage your Harry HR – Service account.

Harry HR offers several subscription plans to accommodate different organizational needs, including monthly and annual options with varying levels of features and support. Reach out to us for more information and to request a personalized quote for your organization.