Redefine Employee Service and Support

Centralize all service and support requests for and from employees, eliminating the need for offbeat channels. Improve the performance of service and support within your organization.

Virtual Assistant Service and Support for Employees

Centralizes service and support channels with Harry HR – Service

Optimize and orchestrate the employee service and support channel within your organization

In today’s world, employees expect quick and easy access to support and services from their organization. Harry HR – Service provides a virtual assistant and support and service ticket system for employees that simplifies and centralizes the service and support process for HR, IT, and Facility Management requests.

Instant answers with the AI-powered virtual assistant for employees

Say goodbye to phone queues and overflowing inboxes

The AI-powered virtual assistant in Harry HR – Service can save employees time and frustration by quickly answering their questions and providing support. The virtual assistant searches through existing knowledge within the organization and can instantly provide answers to employees. When necessary, it can also create service tickets that are routed to the relevant department for human attention. This centralizes service and support requests and provides control over the process, allowing for better insights into the needs of employees and the performance of the service and support channel. Overall, the virtual assistant streamlines the employee service and support process, making it more efficient and effective.

Virtual Assistant for Employees - Service - Harry HR
Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR

Streamline employee support with a centralized employee service desk

Say hello to efficient service management

Provide a centralized service desk to help your organization streamline the employee support processes. Instead of dealing with scattered service and support channels, the service desk centralizes all requests and ensures that they are automatically routed to the appropriate department or employee. The service desk also provides useful insights into the needs of employees and the performance of the support channel through processing time and support category tracking. Say goodbye to scattered support channels and hello to efficient service management with Harry HR – Service.

Leader in Employee Experience
Since 2017

Since the start in 2017, Harry HR has grown rapidly. At this moment, we are active in 21 countries all over the world, improving Employee Experiences for a wide variety of industries and workers.

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Streamline HR service and support

Provide instant HR Service and Support to your employees

HR Service and Support requests can easily get scattered across multiple channels, leading to inefficiencies and frustration for both HR teams and employees. Harry HR – Service provides a centralized support channel for all HR service requests, allowing employees to quickly and easily submit their questions or concerns. This helps to improve employee satisfaction and engagement by providing timely and efficient support.
With Harry HR – Service, HR departments can focus on delivering the best possible HR service and support to their employees.

HR Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR
IT Support Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR

Accept all IT service and support requests from employees through one interface

Centralize Employee IT Service and Support requests

IT support requests can be overwhelming for any organization. With Harry HR – Service, you can centralize service requests and save time with our AI-powered virtual assistant and support ticket system. The virtual assistant searches through existing knowledge and answers employees’ questions instantly, and when necessary, creates a service ticket that can be handled by the appropriate IT department.
Our system measures processing time and category of support needs, building useful insights into the needs of your employees and the performance of your service and support channel. With Harry HR – Service, you can simplify your IT support process and take away frustrations from your employees.

Interested in how Harry HR improves your organization?

Let’s get in touch! Our team members love to catch up on your current challenges and experiences regarding your human capital. Together we investigate which products from Harry HR can help your organization to level up the Employee Experience.

Facility Management Service Desk for Employees - Service - Harry HR

Elevate your facility service and support

Less frustrations, happier employees

Offer a centralized channel for facility management and support requests. Say goodbye to the days of post-it notes and lost messages. Let your employees quickly report a broken elevator or a faulty AC unit, complete with pictures and descriptions. The requests are automatically routed to the relevant department for quick and efficient resolution. By using Harry HR – Service, you can improve employee satisfaction and ensure that facility issues are addressed promptly; Reducing employee frustrations and optimize internal service performance.

Harry HR - Service for centralized Employee Service & Support
Overview functionalities

Virtual Employees Assistant

AI-powered virtual assistant that can answer employees’ questions instantly

HR Data Integrations

Automated synchronization of Employees HR Data

Safe and Secure

GDPR-proof & ISO/IEC 27001

Centralized Service Desk

Centralized service and support request management for all departments

Automated Routing

Instant routing of employee requests to the appropriate department or employee

Updates & Follow-Ups

Status updates and follow-up reminders to ensure requests are not forgotten or ignored


Ability to attach images, documents and PDFs without download needed

Access Control

Customizable access levels for different departments and employees


Integrations with existing support platforms such as Jira, SolarWinds and Zapier

Any Device, Any Worker

Single interface for all service and support requests, including HR, IT, and facility management

Company Branding

Web (intranet) and mobile apps in your branding

Actionable Insights

Detailed reporting and analytics on service and support requests

Connect to your entire workforce
Elevate Employee Experience with us

Are you looking to enhance the employee experience within your organization? Whether you’re interested in learning more or ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide great work experiences for all workers, and we’re eager to share our perspectives and experiences with you. Reach out to us today for more information and start elevating your employee experiences.