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Harry HR – Connect allows you to effortlessly connect with and engage all employees, regardless of their role, location, or work type. Upgrade your internal communications now.

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Create and connect with Harry HR – Connect for Internal Communications

Consolidate all your internal communications onto one platform with Harry HR - Connect

Say goodbye to fragmented channels like email, WhatsApp, and intranets. Our all-in-one employee environment unifies all your internal communications, allowing you to easily engage with your employees through personalized feeds, group chats, and private messages.

Social Wall - Social Media platform for internal communications

Making catching up an enjoyable habit

Our personalized timeline algorithm tailors updates to each worker’s interests, function, and location. By providing a mix of social and relevant updates, we aim to enhance worker engagement and foster positive experiences. Additionally, language barriers are eliminated with our machine learning-powered content translations, available in over 30 languages.

Social Wall - Connect - Harry HR
Chat - Connect - Harry HR

Chat - Team, Group and 1:1 Chat with smart filters

Efficient and safe workplace communication

Our internal comms platform offers an intuitive chat function for private, team, and group conversations. With file sharing and notifications, say goodbye to endless email chains and hello to efficient workplace communication.

Leader in Employee Experience
Since 2017

Since the start in 2017, Harry HR has grown rapidly. At this moment, we are active in 21 countries all over the world, improving Employee Experiences for a wide variety of industries and workers.

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Breaking News - Reach all employees in a minute.

Know that important information is there on time

In critical situations, timely communication is vital. That’s why our internal communications platform features a Breaking News function that can reach all employees within minutes. Through notifications, email, a post on the social wall, and our integrated narrowcasting system, all employees will be instantly informed of time-critical information; no matter where they are. With Breaking News, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that important information is communicated quickly and effectively.

Crisis Comms - Connect - Harry HR
Impact Insights - Connect - Harry HR

Insights - Identify internal communication gaps

Understand the impact of your Internal Communications

Effective internal communication is key to a successful organization. The Insights module in the Harry HR Dashboard provides real-time insights into the performance of your internal communications. With the ability to see which departments, locations and teams have caught up with important updates and the ones that haven’t, you can ensure that communication gaps are addressed. By marking content with relevant topics, you can easily measure the impact of your internal communications based on your organization’s objectives. The built-in reports are simple and easy to understand, so that you can adjust your communication strategy as needed.

Interested in how Harry HR improves your organization?

Let’s get in touch! Our team members love to catch up on your current challenges and experiences regarding your human capital. Together we investigate which products from Harry HR can help your organization to level up the Employee Experience.

Email Campaigns - Connect - Harry HR

Deliver - Drag and Drop Email Campaigns Builder

Build email campaigns that
breathe your company's culture

With the drag and drop email campaigns builder with template support, anyone can create and orchestrate professional-looking campaigns without technical expertise. The Target Groups feature eliminates the need for manual distribution lists, ensuring that no employee is left out. With smart filters – based on your HR Employee Data – you target the right groups of employees based on the filters you set. Reaching the right audiences has never been easier.

Target Groups - Automatically updated distribution lists

Connect with the Right People

Effective internal communication depends on reaching the right people with targeted messaging. Our platform includes audience targeting tools to help you build and target your internal communications with ease. The Target Group builder leverages your existing HR data to ensure that conversations and updates reach the right people. Alternatively, you can shape up a new internal community by setting up a Social Flow that can be followed by anyone within the company. With our audience targeting tools, you can connect with the right people and drive engagement across your organization.

Target Groups - Connect - Harry HR

Harry HR - Connect for Internal Communications
Overview functionalities

Social Wall

Social Media Platform for Internal Communications

HR Data Integrations

Automated synchronization of Employees HR Data

Safe and Secure

GDPR-proof & ISO/IEC 27001


Instant messaging with colleagues and teams


Content automatically translated in 30+ languages

Content Scheduling

Create and plan internal comms ahead

Breaking News

Reach all workers within a minute

Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Build stunning Emails without IT-knowledge

Target Groups

Target the right people based on existing HR-data

Any Device

Works on phone, tablet, dekstop and TV

Company Branding

Web (intranet) and mobile apps in your branding

Actionable Insights

Understandable insights and reporting

Connect to your entire workforce
Elevate Employee Experience with us

Are you looking to enhance the employee experience within your organization? Whether you’re interested in learning more or ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide great work experiences for all workers, and we’re eager to share our perspectives and experiences with you. Reach out to us today for more information and start elevating your employee experiences.

Harry HR - Connect
Frequently Asked Questions

A platform for internal communications – such as Harry HR – Connect® – is software that streamlines all flows of internal communications. From sending out an important update from the CEO to a call for volunteers to help with a company move.
With the smart toolbox of Harry HR – Connect® you can create a so-called Target Audience within the organization in no time so that you always reach the right employees. After you have sent out a message you will know exactly which departments, locations and teams you did and did not reach thanks to extensive insights.
By offering the platform as in a Social Media setting you enable colleagues to participate in conversations and issues. This makes employees feel more involved in the organization and exposes the true sentiment among your workforce.

Yes! Harry HR – Connect® has an external API available, so you can link it to other third-party tools and platforms. By doing this, you can trigger custom events; for example, when an employee calls in sick, send an automated email to give them a heart-to-heart.
Also, Harry HR links to the Zapier platform; allowing you to link Harry HR – Connect® to over 5,000 other platforms without extensive IT integrations!

With our extensive experience and successful track record, we are always ready to help you set up a successful strategy for your internal communications.
If desired, we can stay involved – at an additional cost – for a longer period of time in building an active communities within your organization.

Harry HR – Connect® is specifically built to establish contacts within organizations and between employees. Virtually all other platforms in this market have different “roots” and lack features that Harry HR does have built in. Think about far-reaching insights into which departments, teams and employees you do not reach – where other platforms mainly tell you who you do reach, or our unique expression for television screens in the office. This way you even get in touch with employees who do not have access to a PC or Smartphone (or do not want to use them).

Harry HR’s award-winning customer support team is always here to help you with all your (technical) questions.

We’re happy to explain how to create Target Audiences for internal communications but also share inspiration on how to create and maintain the right internal communications strategy. All questions are welcome and taken seriously.

As a customer of Harry HR, you have access to the customer community, chat and email support. You will always get a response from us within 2 business days. If you have an Enterprise License, you have a dedicated Employee Success Manager you can reach by phone and email. He or she will also call in regularly to see how things are going and to share Tips and Tricks.

Your organization runs on trust, so do we. Harry HR approaches data security, (employee) privacy and control by an end-to-end approach. Our platform is powered by state of the art technology platforms which ensure a quick, stable and secure infracstructure that keeps your data and your people safe. Read more about our approach towards Data Safety here.

Out of the box, Harry HR – Connect® provides comprehensive insights and reporting capabilities regarding internal communications:

– For each message sent, view the number of views, sentiment and know exactly which departments, teams, locations and even employees you did and did not reach.
– Extensive analytics per communication flow regarding reach and sentiment.
– Insight into the reach per Topic (important subject for the organization) so you can track the reach of an internal campaign across multiple communication flows.

If there are other or more needs in the area of reporting, our team is ready for you to create a customized report.

Don’t Worry, Harry HR is very simple to use; even without any IT Knowledge. But, if you need our help you can always reach out to our support team or your dedicated Employee Success Manager (Enterprise). 

By combining multiple Harry HR products, you get the most out of the Employee Experience Platform. Think of easily distributing and/or announcing new knowledge from the Social Knowledge Base; bringing attention to a new Course or Training in our Learning product or even rewarding employees with loyalty points within Harry HR – Loyalty® when employees actively contribute to communities within the organization.
Your personal Harry HR – Employee Success Manager will advise you in the best combinations for your organization.

Any organization can get started with Harry HR – Connect® within a couple of days! We need a file with data of your employees in order to provide them with a Harry HR Account. After that, our team will help you to successfully launch your new Internal Communications Platform for your Employees.