🎓 Academic Research: literature proposes several positive aspects of providing employees with an exceptional Employee Experience and thereby improving their professional life implying that they enjoy doing their tasks and going to work.

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Harry HR - Employee Experience Platform®

The Employee Experience Platform Employees Will Love

With the Harry HR® Employee Experience Platform, your organization has everything it needs to better connect, value, inform your employees. All under one roof.

  • Connect for all internal communications
  • Learn for internal training
  • Knowledge for building and sharing knowledge
  • Hub for in-company application shortcuts
  • Measure for measuring employee satisfaction
  • Service for providing support to employees

Your employees install one application or visit the Harry HR Experience and access their personal Employee Experience.

Harry HR works with a Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing Scheme:

  • € 3,00 per Product per Employee per Month (1 – 500 FTE employees)
  • € 2,50 per Product per Employee per Month (500> employees)

10% Total Bill Discount when you combine multiple products.

  • Target Groups and the Target Groups Builder
  • Harry HR Dashboard for Insights and Control
  • Cross-Functional Products to further empower the Employee Experience
  • No IT-knowledge Needed
  • Zapier Integration and External API Available



Employees in over 21 countries enjoy the Harry HR Employee Experience Platform at work. They receive Employee Loyalty Points at special days like their birthday, Stay in touch with Colleagues via the Social Wall in Harry HR – Connect® and Receive automated reminders to maintain Company Knowledge with Harry HR – Knowledge®.

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📣 Connect®

Centralize all internal communications. Reach and engage employees regardless their location or function.

Popular Features

🏆 Loyalty®

Show appreciation at the moments that matter with the modern employee loyalty system.

Popular Features

🌡️ Measure®

Gain insight into workplace sentiment. Make timely adjustments through real-time insight into Human Capital.

Popular Features

🎓 Learn®

Modernize Training and Onboarding for Employees. Build your own gamified courses with integrated Authoring Tools.

Popular Features

📑 Knowledge®

Guarantee knowledge and make it available in an accessible way. Insights into knowledge needs.

Popular Features

❓ Service®

Provide 24/7 service and support for employees; The virtual assistant answers >70% fully automatically.

Popular Features

All tools for providing a Great Employee Experience - all under one roof.

Employee Experience is the most popular topic among HR professionals today.  And that’s all because Employee Turnover Rates are higher than ever before. Ass well, people are faced with increased levels of stress caused by the current pandemic. 

Employee Experience Platforms focus on the improvement of the Employee Experience within your Organization. Designed to improve the so called touchpoints employees will have when working for your organization. 

With a well implemented Employee Experience Platform and EX Strategy your organization will decrease turnover rates, increase engagement and improve wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harry HR - Employee Experience Platform®

The Harry HR Employee Experience Platforms is designed to make people more engaged, informed, skilled, rewarded and connected in the workplace. It enables your organization to fully align and keep your workforce satisfied on a measurable approach.

Harry HR® Products work with a pay as you grow pricing model. Up to 500 employees it costs € 3.00 per product per employee per month, above it costs € 2.50 per product per employee per month. Please check our pricing page for more details.

Yes! Harry HR® has an external API available so that you can connect it to any other Third-Party Tool and Platform. By doing so, you can trigger almost anything within the platform. Harry HR® is also compatible with Zapier so that it ‘talks’ with over 5.200+ SaaS Applications without any IT-knowledge or complex integrations needed.

Of course! We assist each organization so that together we work toward a successful launch of Harry HR for your organization. We start with an inventory of existing tools within the organization and determine the most optimal mix of Harry HR Products for your organization. After this, one of our employees will assist your organization during the set-up of Harry HR as well as the roll-out of Harry HR within your organization. Even after the go-live we will not lose sight of you and we will have regular contact to analyze your Employee Experience Data and apply optimizations in the platform where necessary. We are not satisfied until your employees are!

Many Employee Experience Platforms were created from another platform that already existed – For example, a platform to post messages on a Social Media Platform that was converted into an “internal Social Media channel. Harry HR started as an Employee Experience Platform in 2016; we were way ahead of the market. From the idea; Applications for employees should be simpler and more accessible and realizing a Personal Platform where the Employee is at the center, the idea of building Harry HR was born.
In 2022 the platform of Harry HR was made available in separate products so that it became accessible to smaller organizations as well; After all, we believe that Employee Experience is crucial for any type of organization.
The team of Harry HR is focused on HR and the (Digital) Employee Experience; we build the platform completely in-house but also provide knowledge sessions, support and assistance for organizations in the area of the Employee Experience. This makes us the ideal partner to roll out an EX Platform; we look beyond the technical setup and rollout of the platform.

Harry HR’s award-winning customer support team is here to help with all your (technical) questions.

Have a problem setting up your Harry HR Environment? Can’t figure out how to create a new product in the Employee Loyalty Store? No problem.

All customers of Harry HR have access to chat and email support. If you have Enterprise Products you will have a dedicated Employee Success Manager who you can reach out to by phone and email. 

Your organization runs on trust, so do we. Harry HR approaches data security, (employee) privacy and control by an end-to-end approach. Our platform is powered by state of the art technology platforms which ensure a quick, stable and secure infracstructure that keeps your data and your people safe. Read more about our approach towards Data Safety here.

Out of the box, Harry HR® has comprehensive insights and reporting capabilities:

  • View your employees’ participation.
  • Get a handle on onboarding within your organization
  • See how long your employees work for you on average
  • Per product comprehensive insights and statistics for improving the Employee Experience

For more information on the reporting capabilities in Harry HR, refer to the information by product on the specific product pages of our website.

Don’t Worry, Harry HR is very simple to use; even without any IT Knowledge. But, if you need our help you can always reach out to our support team or your dedicated Employee Success Manager (Enterprise). 

If your organization makes use of more Harry HR Products those can be interconnected. In example: Whenever you hand over Employee Loyalty Points towards a specific team; you can announce this (automatically) via the Social Wall . Or, if one of your team members posted a new Knowledge Item within Harry HR – Knowledge® he/she may receive some Employee Loyalty Points for sharing knowledge. These, and other automatic rewards are integrated within the Harry HR Platform. 

Of course, the duration of the implementation and rollout of the Harry HR Employee Experience Platform is highly dependent on the number of resources you have available within your organization and which Harry HR® Products your organization will be using.
Although no IT knowledge is required and setting up the platform is done within a few days, it obviously also needs to be filled with content and provided with a proper strategy regarding the Employee Experience and Culture within your organization. We support you in this, but of course we also need your input.
When you want to purchase two or more products you need to take into account an implementation time of 60 to 90 days; after that you will go live and all employees within your organization will start using Harry HR. Of course we will assist you in this process, also after the Go-Live.

Why Organizations Invest In
Employee Experience Platforms (EXP)

Consider the consumer market of applications. Google, Facebook, and Amazon have dozens of back-end systems and products, yet you see a single and easy-to-use interface.

Just as they have abstracted away complexity with a front end layer, so must organisations like yours build a similar architecture for employees.

This is the world of HR technology and services in the future, and this is why we need an “Employee Experience Platform (DEX or EXP) now.”

Source: Josh Bersin – Employee Experience Platforms

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Harry HR works perfect for
Office-Based and Frontline workers

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