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Employee Loyalty Program

Harry HR centralizes all HR, Internal Comms and IT in a single platform for all employees. Personalized, quick, engaging and fun.

Increase engagement and work happiness by showing appreciation to your entire workforce. With the Loyalty Points and Store you offer exactly what your employees expect from you.

It's like the loyalty program of your favorite stores 🎁

Show your appreciation to your loyal employees. All employees earn points when they actively participate in your company's culture, share knowledge, participate in the survey or if they complete an in-company training.

Create a strong feeling of trust with the Employee Loyalty Program for teams. Anyone who collects points by showing their loyalty to the company also collects points for their team. Team members will thrive eachother to participate and work together towards the Team Reward.

Setting up your modern Loyalty Program for Employees isn't hard. The Harry HR platform knows your employees well and rewards employees fully automatic for their participation. With the built-in Loyalty Store employees may spend points with ease.

Shape up a new compliment culture at your organization. Employees are able to send out compliments to coworkers. If they do; they can hand-over points accompanied with a personal compliment.


Employee loyalty increases company performance 👍

Motivating your employees requires a modern approach to loyalty. Employee Loyalty supports and improves Customer Loyalty and creates a high-performing culture throughout your organization.

Showing appreciation by a direct financial compensation is long-gone. With Harry HR all employees and teams collect points that can be spend for (useful) goods or coupons in your company’s Employee Loyalty Store that comes with the Harry HR Platform.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Office team having fun


Introducing Team Rewards 🏋️‍♂️

Celebrate success together. Team Rewards are based on a common goal for a single team within your organization. Let’s say if they catch 100 new customers in the upcoming month; they’ll receive points which the team can spend on a reward. Think about a Team BBQ or an evening-party the local bar. Make everyone responsible and let teams cherish themselves to reach the goal and catch the reward.

Improve relationships with a modern
Employee Loyalty Program 💯

Overview functionality Harry HR
Employee Loyalty Program

Employee Loyalty Program

Motivate Employees with a unique Loyalty Program; just like any loyalty program at your favorite store. When they actively participate in your orgranization they’ll receive points from the Harry HR Platform.

Employee Loyalty Shop

Spend your points in the built-in Employee Loyalty Shop. You decide what you’ll offer in the store, your employees decide how they spend their points. You may also connect with selected partners of Harry HR like Amazon.

Recognition and compliments

Show your appraisal to colleagues by giving them a compliment. Combine a compliment with the hand-over of some points to emphasize your recognition. Compliments are shared throughout the team’s Social Wall.

Show better appreciation 💪

Employee Loyalty and Recognition is not about financial compensations. Time for true recognition.

Happy & Satisfied Employees