Wat gebeurt er als een werknemer mijn organisatie verlaat?

Employees come and go. Therefore it is important that employees who left your organization should no longer have access to your Harry HR Employee Experience Platform.

All employees within the EXP have an attribute called Left Date. In order to let the Harry HR Platform know an emloyee will leave, you should fill this field with the actual date the employee will leave your organization.

You may either import this attribute via the CSV Import functionality or give it in manually by the User Edit screen. Any employees account from where the left date is passed, will be deactivated in the platform on their leaving date fully automatic.

Once deactivated the employees can no longer use their account to login to the Harry HR Dashboard or Employees Experience. Any gathered data, such as created Social Wall Posts and answers to SatisQuestions Surveys will remain available and will remain included in all insights.

Wat gebeurt er als een werknemer mijn organisatie verlaat?
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Bijgewerkt op 24 november 2021