Stel team- en afdelingsmanagers binnen Harry HR

All department and team managers will have access to the Harry HR Dashboard to gain insights into their department or team. Of course, all platform administrators have access to the dashboard as well.

To set a department manager first search for the specific department in the overview and click on the field in the Department Managers column. Search throughout all employees and tap for the right person to assign her or him as the department manager.

Setting a Team Manager is almost the same. First open the detailed view of the department and look for the team you want to assign a Team Manager to. Now search for the person you want to assign as the Team Manager.

All Departments and Teams may have one or more managers. Besides, a single person can be a manager of multiple teams and or departments at the same time.

Stel team- en afdelingsmanagers binnen Harry HR
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Bijgewerkt op 26 november 2021