Beperkingen en beeldspecificaties voor berichten

You want to make sure your internal communications are received and understood well by all workers. However, keep in mind that the Social Wall is a spot for your workforce to quickly catch up with all internal and social updates at work. In order to make sure your Social Wall isn’t overflood by text keep in mind there are limitations on the maximum amount of characters you can use.

Social Wall Post Maximum Characters: 5000

We’d recommend you to stay below an amount of 1500 characters when posting to the Social Wall. If you want to send out a larger message or update the better way to go is by setting up a new Knowledge Base item and announce (and attach) that item by a Social Wall post.

If you want to attach one or more pictures to a Social Wall post make sure the image quality is well.

Recommended image size: 1200 x 628 pixels (or same aspect ratio)

You are able to upload a maximum of 15 images to any Social Wall post.

Beperkingen en beeldspecificaties voor berichten
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