Hoe werkt het algoritme van de Sociale Muur?

The Social Wall is the place for internal communications. It’s like the Social Media Platforms you know (FB, Instagram etc.) but exclusively available for you and your colleagues only.

The feed of each Social Wall is personal; that means that the posts you’ll see on your feed are different to the ones your colleagues see now. This is because of the Social Wall Algorithm within Harry HR. In order to clarify how this algorithm works, we’ll start with the different types of posts in the platform:

Breaking News
This is like a booster for any post when turned on for that specific post. Use the Breaking News functionality when you have an urgent matter or update to share throughout a specific group or even throughout the whole of your organization. In short: It doubles the ‘score’ of the post so that it will be shown on top of the Social Wall.

Organization-wide post
When you want to share organization-wide updates you’ll want to make sure that all employees are aligned. Just like a ‘Breaking News’ post, a post within the ‘All Employees’ channel will be boosted so that it has a heavier weight in the algorithm and it shows on top of all Social Walls.

Creation date and time and post activity
Harry HR wants to make sure that content on the Social Wall is relevant and up-to-date to all employees. Another part in the algorithm is checking the date and time of when the post was created. You’ll understand that the newer a post, the higher it will end up on the Feeds on the employees Social Wall.

Catching up activity of the specific user
We keep a close eye on the posts your employees have seen, should see or even must see. That’s why the algorithm also keeps in mind that relevant posts that are unseen by the specific employee will receive a higher ranking in their personal algorithm score.

In short
The algorithm calculates a score for all posts based on the importancy, urgency, date and time as well the users activity and puts the posts with the highest score on top of your employees Social Wall. That’s why all employees may look after their own and unique personalized Social Wall Feed.

Hoe werkt het algoritme van de Sociale Muur?
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