Voeg een video toe aan een Social Wall bericht

If you have a video available that you want to attach to your Social Wall Post first make sure that it is uploaded to YouTube. At the moment Harry HR is able to attach videos from YouTube only. As of 2022 we will start to support uploading videos through the Harry HR platform directly.

To attach a video to a Social Wall post make sure that the post type is YouTube Video. Instead of being able to upload pictures you may now insert the YouTube ID of the video you would like to attach to your new Social Wall Post. The YouTube Video ID is the last part of the URL of any publicly available video on YouTube.

Just like a Social Wall Post with images, the YouTube video will be shown on top of your Social Wall Post. Just like you are used to on any other Social Media Platform.

Voeg een video toe aan een Social Wall bericht
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Bijgewerkt op 11 november 2021