Uitleg van de eNPS voor uw organisatie

eNPS aka employee Net Promoter Score, or Employee NPS is a way of measuring how your employees feel about your company. It’s based on the Net Promoter Score or NPS, which is a measurement of customer loyalty that was pioneered by Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld to measure customer experience.

The eNPS gives you insight and understanding whether your workforce recommends your organization to friends, colleagues and family.

All employees that have an average SatisQuestions replied rating of eight, nine or ten score will result in a promoter. All employees that have given an average SatisQuestions rating from zero to six will result in detractors.

By deducting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of your promoters the eNPS is calculated. Hereby you ignore those who gives grades seven and eight, otherwise known as the passives.

Your eNPS is easy to mirror with your Customer or Client NPS.

Now, what is good eNPS?

The overall benchmark average accross all companies that measure eNPS is 14.

This may sound low, but keep in mind that eNPS is the measure of the percentage of promoters minus detractors. An eNPS from zero to 30 is considered good. An eNPS above 30 indicates the company is doing very well, and has far more satisfied and proud employees working for it than unsatisfied ones.

An eNPS of 50 or more indicates employees really love working for your organization. In this scenario a lot of your employees will be or become real ambassadors for your organization.

Uitleg van de eNPS voor uw organisatie
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