šŸŽ“ Recent study states: Capturing real-time Employee Experience Data, indicated that engagement and positive mood fluctuate together; They predict importantĀ  organizational outcomes.

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šŸ† Harry HR - MeasureĀ®

Employee Survey & People Analytics Software

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® is an intuitive and powerful platform for continuously measuring employee satisfaction and engagement of your workforce. The platform fully automatically broadcasts a short set of questions – SatisQuestionsĀ® – to all employees, measuring the satisfaction of your entire workforce in 20 seconds per session. The insights module helps your organization’s leadership understand employees even better and lets you make timely adjustments because insights are real-time.

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® works with a Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing Scheme:

  • ā‚¬ 3,00 per Employee per Month (1 – 500 FTE employees)
  • ā‚¬ 2,50 per Employee per Month (500> employees)

10% Discount on Total Bill when combining multiple Harry HR Products.Ā Excluding Employee Loyalty Store Credits.

  • Emoji-Based Pulse Surveys (SatisQuestionsĀ®)
  • Automated Pulse Surveys
  • Detailed Insights in Work Happiness and Employee Experience
  • Custom Pillars with Target Audiences
  • Burning Matters Pulse
  • Targets to Improve Business Performance
  • Reports on all levels; Organization, Department, Location etc.
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Employees in over 21 countries enjoy Harry HR at work. They reply to 3 SatisQuestionsĀ® every 2 weeks within the Harry HR Experience. The organizations that work with Harry HR – MeasureĀ® see Improved Employee Engagement, Reduced Employee Turnover and Increased Work Happiness.

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All tools to provide a successful Ongoing Employee Survey - all under one roof.

Organizations that do not survey employees and do not have a platform to measure Employee Happiness and Job Satisfaction on an ongoing basis will find that they struggle more to retain, engage and motivate their workforce.

A well-designed Employee Satisfaction Survey gives your organization a better understanding of your employees’ needs. This results in increased employee engagement, employee retention and lower employee turnover.

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® provides the tools you need to set up and monitor a modern and ongoing employee satisfaction survey without the need for extensive IT knowledge.Ā This leaves you time to focus on what really matters to your organization: Your human capital.

Ongoing Employee Surveys Done Right

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Emojis to unravel the sentiment among your workforce.

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Popular Features

SatisQuestionsĀ® šŸ‘šŸ½

Satisfaction surveys should be fun and above all not lead to frustration and irritation. This is why Harry HR – MeasureĀ® works with the unique SatisQuestionsĀ® method. Employees answer questions with Emojis, which breaks down language barriers and makes filling in the questions fun.

Bite-sized Questionnaires šŸ•

No employee is waiting for an endless set of questions in which he or she finds no recognition. Harry HR’s platform doses questions so that each employee sees only a handful of satisfaction questions and answering them does not cause irritation. This leads to an average 65% increase in participation, giving you an even better picture of the sentiment within your organization.

20 seconds a week ā±ļø

20 Seconds per week. That’s all it takes to get an accurate and honest picture of your employees’ engagement, satisfaction and job happiness. With one tap of an Emoji, they answer a SatisQuestionĀ®; thus Harry HR – MeasureĀ® sets a new standard in employee satisfaction and employee wellbeing research.

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Ask the right questions to the right employees

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Popular Features

Pillars and Subpillars šŸ¢

All SatisQuestionsĀ® within the Harry HR – MeasureĀ® platform are categorized into a sub-pillar and thus into a main pillar. In this way, reports are generated fully automatically, showing immediately where things are going well and where they are not going so well within your organization, without you having to waste a lot of time picking out details.

Target Groups šŸŽÆ

Not every satisfaction question is for every employee. For example: If someone does not have opportunities to work from home, it is nonsensical to ask that employee a question regarding this topic. In the core of Harry HR you build so-called Target Groups based on filters on your HR data. You can in turn easily link these to main pillars or sub pillars so that only applicable questions are sent out to the employees to whom they apply.

Burning Matters šŸ”„

Sometimes there are issues within the organization where you want to call on the sense and experience of your staff. With Burning Matters, you create a question within a minute that can be sent out to one or more Target Groups. The employees within the targetted groups immediately receive an email and/or push notification to inform them about a new Burning Matter. This way, you can further engage your employees in decisions in your organization.

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Really know what makes your employees happy and unhappy

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Popular Features

Clear Insights šŸ“Š

The Harry HR – MeasureĀ® dashboard automatically creates reports and insights for your satisfaction survey that everyone understands and can make sense of. Easily export reports to use in presentations or connect with our API to integrate Harry HR – MeasureĀ® with existing BI tools and dashboards in your organization.

Management Summary šŸ“”

In each report, you can apply your own filters to view, for example, satisfaction survey results for a specific location or team. You do not need any IT knowledge for this. For example, team managers can view their own team’s report while the central HR department can view the sentiment across the entire organization.

Realtime eNPS šŸ’Æ

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS for short) tells you in one number to what extent your employees recommend your organization to family, friends and acquaintances. This makes the eNPS an important pillar whether the Employee Experience within the organization is positive. In the Dashboard of Harry HR – MeasureĀ®, the eNPS is reflected in real-time.

Employee Survey Software That Grows With You

From small to enterprise, Harry HR – MeasureĀ® grows with you and your teams to ensure your Human Capital receives the best ongoing Employee Surveys out there.

Receive 10% Discount on the Total Bill when you combine multiple Harry HR Products.


< 500 Employees
ā‚¬ 3,00 per Employee per Month


> 500 Employees
ā‚¬ 2,50 per Employee per Month

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harry HR - MeasureĀ®

With Harry HR – MeasureĀ® you measure employee satisfaction on an ongoing basis. The employee application offers a small set of questions based on a fixed internal – for example, once every two weeks – to measure employee satisfaction. These questions can always be traced back to a so-called sub-pillar and main pillar; so you can look at the results from a management perspective. Within Harry HR – MeasureĀ®, employees answer the satisfaction questions via an installed app or via the employee website. Because questions from a larger set are broadcast randomly per employee, you as an organization have a complete picture regarding the Employee Experience within your organization in a very short period of time. In short; Harry HR – MeasureĀ® offers you all the tools for a modern employee satisfaction survey, including the tools to analyze and interpret the results of the survey.

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® has a pay as you grow pricing model. Up to 500 employees it costs ā‚¬ 3.00 per employee per month, above it costs ā‚¬ 2.50 per employee per month.

Yes! Harry HR – MeasureĀ® has an external API available so that you can connect it to any other Third-Party Tool and Platform. By doing so, you can trigger custom happenings like sending out a Burning Matter to a target audience among your workforce.

Also, Harry HR links to the Zapier platform; allowing you to link Harry HR ā€“ MeasureĀ® to over 5,000 other platforms without extensive IT integrations!

When you purchase Harry HR – MeasureĀ® you always get from us the standard question set consisting of more than 125 SatisQuestionsĀ®. With this set you can survey the complete Employee Experience of your staff. The platform is set up from the start so that each employee receives a maximum of three questions per week. This makes each employee’s investment only 20 seconds per week; in fact, they answer the satisfaction questions with one simple tap on one of the four emojis.

If you have a need for a specific set of questions regarding a particular topic, we are happy to help you with that; but, you can also build it yourself in the dashboard provided. If you have further questions about this, please contact us.

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® is the only platform in the world that measures satisfaction among all employees based on Emojis. As a result, completing the set of questions takes only 20 seconds per interval while being perceived as “fun” by employees. With Harry HR – MeasureĀ® a unique set of questions is sent to all employees from the total set of questions, giving you a total picture of the Employee Experience within the entire organization within a few weeks. With the included dashboard you will have all the tools to gain far-reaching insights into the human factor within the organization. Of course with an extensive set of filters so you can zoom in on the results of the satisfaction survey per location, team and even persona. All in real-time.

Harry HR’s award-winning customer support team is here to help with all your (technical) questions.

Have a problem setting up your Harry HR Environment? Canā€™t figure out how to create a new product in the Employee Loyalty Store? No problem.

All customers of Harry HR have access to chat and email support. If you have Enterprise Products you will have a dedicated Employee Success Manager who you can reach out to by phone and email.Ā 

Your organization runs on trust, so do we. Harry HR approaches data security, (employee) privacy and control by an end-to-end approach. Our platform is powered by state of the art technology platforms which ensure a quick, stable and secure infracstructure that keeps your data and your people safe. Read more about our approach towards Data Safety here.

All SatisQuestionsĀ® that are replied to by your Employees are 100% anonymous. It’s never possible to inventarize which individual replied what to a specific Question. Because of that we promise your workforce that giving their opinion withint your Employee Survey is safe and anonymously.

Harry HR – MeasureĀ® comes with a very comprehensive dashboard so you can always gain insights – in real-time – into the satisfaction survey results within your organization.

In the standard reports you will see, among other things:
– A report grade per main pillar, subpillar and per question
– Within each report you can zoom in on many filters including: location, team, department, manager, target group, etc.
– Survey participation including insight by department, team and location
– Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).
– Virtual Emoji Cloud, exposing organizational sentiment in a unique visual way.

If you need other reports our support and success team are always ready to help you.

Don’t Worry, Harry HR is very simple to use; even without any IT Knowledge. But, if you need our help you can always reach out to our support team or your dedicated Employee Success Manager (Enterprise).Ā 

Any organization can get started with Harry HR – MeasureĀ® within a couple of days! We need a file with data of your employees in order to provide them with a Harry HR Account. After that, our team will help you to successfully launch your new Ongoing Employee Survey Program.

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