A new era of Learning & Development has arrived

Harry HR centralizes all HR, Internal Comms and IT in a single platform for all employees. Personalized, quick, engaging and fun.

The Learning Experience within the Harry HR EXP is easy and fun to use on any device. Deliver outstanding learning experiences to all workers with gamified elements and the Employee Loyalty Program built into your new Learning Platform.

Learning at work as fun and easy
as watching a movie on Netflix 🎬

Offer learnings on all devices within your organization. The Learning Experience is available from Smartphone to Desktop with a seamless experience. Take learnings on the go and make them accessible for office and non-office workers.

You don't have to be tech-savvy to build a new training for the Harry HR Learning Experience. Choose from a variety of built-in step types and roll-out your training with ease. We support H5P learning content to spice up learning with gamified elements like memory and interactive videos.

Make any training or course part of onboarding - or even preboarding - with ease. By a single tap you define that a specific training is part of onboarding. The platform makes sure your new worker follows the training in-time so that he or she is up to speed in no-time.

Nothing is better than showing appreciation to your workers that have completed a training.

With the built-in Employee Loyalty Program, Harry HR makes sure all employees - and the teams they work in - are recognized by handing over Loyalty Points. Those points may be spend within the Built-In Employee Loyalty Store.


Create a learning environment
Without IT-knowledge needed 🎓

Trust on a single platform to reach out and connect with all employees. Your message are delivered instantly to the targeted groups without having to navigate through complex and multiple HR and Employee management systems. The right communications for the right group of employees.

Quickly setup dynamic target groups from the Manager’s Dashboard in order to stay in touch with specific audiences within your organization. New joiners within the organization are added automatically to the right group by the Employees Data Sync tool.

Contemporary employees
Young caucasian man holding smartphone for business work.


Gather insights on the
training needs of your employees 👩‍🎓

Truly understand what matters to your employees is key to success & engagement. Catch up on the the feelings and thoughts amongst your workforce. 

Open up conversations on the topics that matter and gather real-time insights on the true sentiment within your organization by the Harry HR Dashboard.

It's your turn.
Can you complete the sentences? 👍

Overview functionality Harry HR
Communication & Engagement

Social Wall

Create groups and channels to streamline discussions around specific topics. Allow people to follow channels to receive instant updates about topics they are interested in the most.

Group Communities

Build communities for groups and teams with their own Social Walls, Knowledge, Courses, Surveys and more. From a single ‘All Employees’ group to a ‘Yoga Fans’ community group.

People Directory

Find all your colleagues and experts within the organisation by the People Directory. Search by job title, team, department and many more. All employees got their own profile page to showcase themselves.

Content Scheduling

Shape your content to perfection and make sure everyday has some new updates to offer. With content scheduling posts can be prepared and scheduled in advance to reduce your workload.

Breaking News

From time to time you’ll need to spread the word quickly throughout the organisation. Breaking News is visible on top of the Social Wall for the targeted employee groups. They’ll also receive a push notification and e-mail to not miss out.


Bring all employees into the conversation by @mentions. Useful for compliments but also for discussions and questions. Employees receive a maximum of one notification per day; no overdose of notifications..

Keep in touch with all teams 🤗

Harry HR makes sure you reach your entire workforce without boundaries. Time to open up conversations.

Happy & Satisfied Employees