🎓 The Learning Culture: It is six times less expensive to build technical skills internally than it is to go hire them from the job market. Make sure corporate knowledge systems are accurate and easy to use.

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🎓 Harry HR - Learn®

Modern Learning and Development Experience

Harry HR – Learn® Software is a complete package for creating, delivering and monitoring internal training and education for your organization.
With the Learning Experience, all employees – from home workers to frontline – have access to an intuitive and modern learning environment; available for Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop.
In the Harry HR – Learn® dashboard, you have full control over the course offerings within your organization and create new training courses in no time. Of course – with the included insights module – you will know exactly which employee has acquired which training skills.
Many of our customers use the unique Harry HR – Learn® Onboarding Builder for the onboarding of new employees.

Harry HR – Learn® works with a Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing Scheme:

  • € 3,00 per dipendente al mese (1 - 500 dipendenti FTE)
  • € 2,50 per dipendente al mese (500> dipendenti)

Apply for a 10% Total Bill discount when combining multiple Harry HR EXP Products. Esclusi i crediti del negozio fedeltà per i dipendenti.

  • Authoring Tools for Internal Trainings and Courses
  • Onboarding Builder & Onboarding Experience
  • Target Groups for Targetted Course Catalog
  • Learning and Development Insights
  • Onboarding Follow-Ups and Insights
  • Gamified and Microlearning Courses (including H5P)
  • Automated Translations of In-Company Courses
  • Mobile Learning Experience for Frontline Workers
  • QR-Code Scavenger Hunt – The fun way to get know a (new) site
  • Granting Employee Loyalty Points at Course Completion (with Harry HR – Loyalty®)
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Employees in over 21 countries enjoy Harry HR at work. They follow Onboarding Pathways, Microlearnings and Learning Pathways at work in a modern learning environment with the best experience. This increases the level of knowledge within the organization and employees feel more confident in the workplace.

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All tools for building and delivering on-the-job trainings - All under one roof.

As an organization, you naturally want its most important asset – your Human Capital – to perform as optimally as possible. Organizations where a so-called “Growth Mindset” is pursued perform better as organizations where a different mindset is pursued. To this end, the Learning & Development component is one of the key motivations.

Employees who are encouraged to continue to Learn and Develop on a Daily-base see more opportunities, feel more connected to the organization and will be happy that their talents are better utilized by the organization.
In a job market where ‘good’ staff is hard to find, it is vital to leverage the optimal performance and talents of your teams.

Harry HR – Learn® brings all the tools your organization needs to offer a Modern and User-friendly Digital Learning Environment to your employees. Your employees can find your organization’s course offerings from one central location and learn at their convenience; on any device.

This gives you time to focus on what really matters: Your Human Capital.

Thrive the Growth Mindset within your Organization

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Too often, building in-company training is too complex. With Harry HR - Learn, anyone can build an in-company course in no time.

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Simple Training Builder 💪🏽

With the built-in training and course builder for internal training, really anyone – without IT knowledge – can build a course. The clear 3-column screen gives you a good overview of where in the training you are building something. With the built-in content blocks, you add a new step to the training you are creating in seconds.

Gamified Elements 🥌🎲

Create the best and most fun training for your employees with Gamified Elements. Think of Memory, Crossword puzzles and Interactive Videos. After all, no employee is waiting for an internal training in which only large pieces of text have to be read.

Easy Revisions 🚧

Knowledge is fleeting and so is your internal training. We understand that, which is why we’ve made it easy to review any outdated steps in an internal training course. Again, this does not require you to have IT knowledge or an expensive partner or interim party to introduce. In just a few clicks, you have made your necessary changes and your internal training is up to date again.

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Internal Training should be like watching a series on Netflix; You want more and more

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Learning Content Blocks 🏗️

The built-in Learning Content Blocks allow you to design internal training in a very visual and modern way. Think of this as a combination of watching Videos, listening to a podcast and reading a piece of text. In between, test the employee’s knowledge with a game of Memory or a Multiple Choice question.

On any device 📱💻

Everyone is busy. Cliché but true, and so you need to make it as barrier-free and accessible as possible for your employees to attend in-house training. Harry HR – Learn® works on any kind of screen and is therefore a perfect solution for all types of staff: Desk-based and Non-desk Based (Frontline).

Learn at your time ⏰

An internal course or training is structured in Harry HR – Learn® just like a book: With Chapters and within them Paragraphs. Just as you don’t read a book all at once, but rather one chapter or paragraph at a time, it works the same way in Harry HR. As an employee, if you run out of time (or don’t feel like it 😉 ), just close the app and pick up where you left off next time.

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Do you know what knowledge is available where in your organization?

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Clever Learning Insights 📊

The Harry HR – Learn® dashboard gives all leaders within your organization insight into your employees’ training performance. This allows you to know exactly which teams, departments and locations have absorbed which training material; down to the employee level if desired. Thus, when providing mandatory training, you will know in real-time where your organization stands without the need for additional IT tools.

Rewards and Appraisals 🎁

Several studies show that employees need a positive push from time to time to stay motivated to learn something new. In the Harry HR – Learn® employee learning platform is this functionality and employees are enthused when they attend a training course; upon completing an internal training course, they are rewarded with Employee Loyalty Points (*When combined with Harry HR – Loyalty®).

Grip on Onboarding 🤝🏽

Within the Onboarding period, it is crucial that a new employee absorbs the right knowledge and attends the right internal training courses. With the unique Onboarding Builder, the platform itself assigns the right onboarding for each employee and with the Onboarding Insights you keep a grip on the progress. This way you shorten the time to optimal performance of new employees.

Learning Experience and Course Authoring Software
That Grows With You

From small to enterprise, Harry HR – Learn® grows with you and your teams to ensure your Human Capital receives the best Employee Learning Experience.

Ricevete uno sconto di 10% sul totale della fattura quando combinate più prodotti Harry HR.


< 500 dipendenti
€ 3,00 per dipendente al mese


> 500 dipendenti
€ 2,50 per dipendente al mese

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harry HR - Learn®

Harry HR – Learn® Software is a complete package for creating, delivering and monitoring internal training and education for your organization.
With the Learning Experience, all employees – from home workers to frontline – have access to an intuitive and modern learning environment; available for Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop.
In the Harry HR – Learn® dashboard, you have full control over the course offerings within your organization and create new training courses in no time. Of course – with the included insights module – you will know exactly which employee has acquired which training skills.
Many of our customers use the unique Harry HR – Learn® Onboarding Builder for the onboarding of new employees.

Harry HR - Measure® ha un modello di prezzo "pay as you grow". Fino a 500 dipendenti costa € 3,00 per dipendente al mese, oltre costa € 2,50 per dipendente al mese.

Yes! Harry HR – Learn® has an external API available so that you can connect it to any other Third-Party Tool and Platform. By doing so, you can obtain Course and Training Insights or assign a course to a specific team or target group.

Definitely! Harry HR works with many partners in the field of learning and development. In consultation with your organization we choose the best option; sometimes this means that someone from the Harry HR team can support you or we link your organization to one of our (local) partners. We have several guides, tips and tricks available to get you quickly on your way with converting existing knowledge within the organization into training for your employees.
Do not hesitate to contact us; we are ready to help you.

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Harry HR – Learn® is one of the few platforms in the Learning & Development field that offers you all the tools you need to build courses and trainings, send them out to staff, and then see the training performance of your employees; an all-in-one package.
The platform is available to employees not only on mobile or desktop, but on all common platforms and devices with an active connection to the Internet. No IT knowledge is required to build the courses, so you get a complete platform for providing a complete and modern training offer for employees without the need for additional packages or complicated training.

Il pluripremiato team di assistenza clienti di Harry HR è a disposizione per rispondere a tutte le vostre domande (tecniche).

Have a problem setting up your Harry HR Environment? Can’t figure out how to create a new course in the Employee Learning Catalog? No problem.

Tutti i clienti di Harry HR hanno accesso all'assistenza via chat e via e-mail. Se disponete di prodotti Enterprise, avrete un Employee Success Manager dedicato a cui potrete rivolgervi per telefono e via e-mail. 

La vostra organizzazione si basa sulla fiducia, e anche noi. Harry HR affronta la sicurezza, la privacy e il controllo dei dati (dei dipendenti) con un approccio end-to-end. La nostra piattaforma è alimentata da piattaforme tecnologiche all'avanguardia che garantiscono un'infrastruttura rapida, stabile e sicura che mantiene al sicuro i vostri dati e le vostre persone. Per saperne di più sul nostro approccio Sicurezza dei dati qui.

Out of the box Harry HR – Learn®, has comprehensive insights and reporting capabilities:

  • See what training and courses an employee has taken
  • View popular trainings; including students
  • View trainings and courses that are less frequently attended (and may need extra attention)
  • View knowledge uptake by department, team and location
  • KPI for the knowledge uptake within your organization
  • View employee leaderboards (who has taken in a lot of knowledge, etc.)
  • View onboarding progress for new employees

Leaders within your organization also have access to the reports for the teams they lead.

If you have other reporting needs we are ready to help you with that.

Non preoccupatevi, Harry HR è molto semplice da usare, anche senza alcuna conoscenza informatica. Tuttavia, se avete bisogno di aiuto, potete sempre rivolgervi al nostro team di assistenza o al vostro Employee Success Manager (Enterprise). 

You will also receive a comprehensive explanation and training on how to use Harry HR (if desired) in the introductory process so that you know exactly how to best use the platform from the get-go.

If your organization uses multiple products from Harry HR, they can be linked together. This ensures that all tools that focus on your employees are available to them from one central application.

For example: When an employee completes a course or training within Harry HR – Learn®, and your organization is also using Harry HR – Loyalty®, that employee automatically obtains a reward in the form of Employee Loyalty Points. This way, this employee immediately feels appreciated and rewarded for completing the training. If you also use Harry HR – Connect®, this employee can also send out a message on the Social Wall to let colleagues know that he/she has completed a course. Vice versa is also possible: When using Harry HR – Connect®, including the Social Wall, you can draw extra attention to a course by attaching it to a message on the Social Wall.

Any organization can get started with Harry HR – Learn® within a couple of days! We need a file with data of your employees in order to provide them with a Harry HR Account. After that, our team will help you to successfully launch your new Employee Learning Platform and Catalog.

Typically, the whole process from setting up your environment and filling it with at least 3 in-company courses takes around 6 to 8 weeks. Your License at Harry HR starts at the moment you give access to the Employees Learning Environment to your workforce.

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Il sistema di fidelizzazione dei dipendenti di Harry HR è un elemento della piattaforma completa di Harry HR per aiutare la vostra azienda a ottenere il massimo dal vostro capitale umano. Ciascuno dei nostri prodotti è potente di per sé, ma lo è ancora di più se usato insieme.

📣 Connect®

Centralizzare tutte le comunicazioni interne. Raggiungete e coinvolgete i dipendenti indipendentemente dalla loro posizione o funzione.

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🏆 Fedeltà®

Mostrate il vostro apprezzamento nei momenti che contano con il moderno sistema di fidelizzazione dei dipendenti.

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🌡️ Misura®

Ottenere informazioni sul sentiment del luogo di lavoro. Apportare modifiche tempestive grazie alla visione in tempo reale del capitale umano.

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📑 Conoscenza®

Garantire la conoscenza e renderla disponibile in modo accessibile. Approfondimento delle esigenze di conoscenza.

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❓ Servizio®

Fornisce assistenza e supporto ai dipendenti 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7; l'assistente virtuale risponde in modo completamente automatico a >70%.

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Per saperne di più sull'esperienza dei dipendenti

Nei nostri blog pubblichiamo regolarmente nuovi articoli con approfondimenti, suggerimenti e tendenze riguardanti l'esperienza dei dipendenti.