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Streamline Internal Communication with Connect

Experience workplace communication transformation with Connect. Streamline information flow, raccogliere feedback, and boost engagement effortlessly.

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Maximizing Communication Efficiency

Discover the transformative power of streamlined communication with Connect. Elevate your organization’s efficiency and collaboration while gaining valuable insights into your communication dynamics.

Refined Internal Communication Insights

Understand exactly who you're reaching and who you're not, enabling targeted strategies for improved internal communication.

Interactive Collaboration Hub

Start dynamic conversations and collaboration among colleagues in a social media-inspired platform.

Comunicazioni di crisi

Instantly disseminate crucial updates to all or specific employees.

Strategic Analysis

Turn strategies into topics, enabling insightful analysis.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with colleagues and teams through instant messaging features.

Reach your entire workforce from a single platform?

Keep your audiences in sync

Effortlessly reach the right employees at the right time with our Automated Audience Building feature. Say goodbye to manual list management as audiences maintain themselves, ensuring seamless communication without the hassle.

Automated Segmentation

Simplify communication targeting with automated segmentation based on employee characteristics.

Workflow Integration

Seamlessly integrate Audience Builder into your existing workflow, streamlining communication processes and maximizing efficiency.

Self-Maintaining Audiences

Ensure accuracy and relevancy as audiences automatically update based on changes in employee data, eliminating the need for manual list management.

Targeted Communication

Tailor messages to specific employee characteristics for more effective communication strategies.

Reach Your Teams Everywhere?

Engage your team seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices for comprehensive communication reach and impact.

Mobile Accessibility

Reach employees on the go with our iOS and Android apps for convenient communication anytime, anywhere.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensure seamless interaction across all devices and browsers, from desktop to mobile, for enhanced accessibility.

Dynamic Displays

Utilize TV screens with Google Cast integration for dynamic in-company broadcasts and visual communication.

Instant Notifications

Keep employees informed with instant email and push notifications for timely updates and announcements.

Optimize Decisions with Clever Insights

Elevate your decision-making process with our Clever Insights feature. Gain valuable approfondimenti basati sui dati into employee engagement, communication effectiveness, and organizational trends for informed strategic decisions.

Engagement Metrics

Understand how your communication efforts impact employee engagement and satisfaction.

Communication Effectiveness

Assess the success of your messaging strategies and optimize for better results.

Organizational Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging patterns and shifts within your workforce.

Personalized Reports

Receive custom reports tailored to your HR needs, providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Integrazione agevole con la vostra infrastruttura HR

Harry HR – Connect seamlessly integrates with leading HR platforms like Workday and ADP, ensuring every employee receives timely communication throughout their journey, from onboarding to offboarding. Harness the power of connectivity for a cohesive and engaging personalized employee experience.

Panoramica delle funzionalità
Harry HR - Connettiti

Explore the powerful functionalities of Harry HR – Connect, designed to streamline internal communication and enhance collaboration within your organization. From instant messaging to topic tagging, unlock a suite of tools tailored to optimize your employee experience.

Social Connect

Boost collaboration with an internal social media platform.

Targeted Comms

Send tailored messages using automated lists.


Reach employees seamlessly across various channels.

Instant Messaging

Foster quick and secure communication through 1:1 and group chats.

Design del marchio

Translate organizational identity into internal communication, maintaining consistency.

Urgent Matters

Quickly alert the right employees ensuring timely attention to critical updates.

Strategic Campaigns

Align internal comms with organizational initiatives and measure their impact.

Approfondimenti praticabili

Gain insights into communication reach and sentiment, driving actionable outcomes.

Content Translation

Reach employees in their preferred language using AI-powered translation features.

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Harry HR - Connect helps streamline internal communication, engage employees, and gain insights for a better employee experience.

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