Set up the Course Completion event

From within the Employees Experience of the Harry HR Platform, all employees are able to follow trainings and courses within the Learning Experience. Once an employee has finished a training you may want to congratulate them by Email and, or via the Social Wall. This can be done fully automatic via the Course Completion Communication Event.

Within the Harry HR Dashboard go to Events within the Settings. Turn on the Course Completion event. Now, you are able to shape up an Email that will be sent to employees who completed a training within the Harry HR platform. The Email may also function as a certificate for completing the training. Personalize the Email itself by using one or more of the available tags like Name and Course.

In addition you may set up a Social Wall Post that will be posted to create even more attention around the completion of the course by one of the team members. Once a team member has completed a training the Social Wall Post from the Course Completion Event will be posted into the Team Group on the Social Wall. Hereby, all direct colleagues will see that one of the team members has completed a specific training and earned Team Points by doing so. If you upload more than one picture within the event, the platform will automatically pick one picture randomly, which will be attached to the Social Wall Post.

The platform checks for new Completed Courses every 15 minutes.

Set up the Course Completion event
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