Measure job happiness
Gain insight into the sentiment

Continuously catch-up with the sentiment among all employees with our unique SatisQuestions® work happiness measurement methodology. Understand the true needs of all teams in your organization, in real time.

Employee Pulse Survey on Wellbeing and Work Happiness

What makes Measure by Harry HR unique

Ongoing employee satisfaction survey

Bite-sized satisfaction survey

Make the Employee Experience within your organization measurable with our set of 150 SatisQuestions®. All employees receive three randomly selected questions each week which they answer with a single tap on one out of the four Emoji’s.

Safe and Anonymously

Offer a place where employees can give their honest opinion by guaranteeing safety and anonymity. All replies are 100% anonymous and can never be traced back to an individual.

Harry HR - Coinvolgere e informare i dipendenti
Emojis tell more

By having employees answer the questions of the pulse survey using Emojis, you obtain both a report figure and a visual expression of the sentiment in the organization.

Insight after one week

Employees receive three random questions from the question set that they have not answered in the past year. In this way, you obtain a good picture of the sentiment in the organization, right from the first measurement.

Highlights – Measure by Harry HR

Real-time insight into sentiment
Through the ongoing employee satisfaction survey

20 seconds a week
Three questions per week for all employees
Secure and anonymous
Answers are 100% anonymous and securely stored (in the Netherlands)
Emojis tell more
Employees answer the satisfaction survey with Emojis
Insight within 1 week
After the first measurement you have a clear picture of the sentiment
Dipendenti felici e soddisfatti

⏱ Measure job satisfaction in 20 seconds per week
⤴ Increase employee satisfaction

Highlights – Measure by Harry HR

Clear reports for insight into work satisfaction and work perception

From birds-eye view to detail level

Gain insight into the Employee Experience in the clear and user-friendly Harry HR dashboard. All satisfaction questions and the reactions to them are subdivided into sub-pillars and pillars, so that you can quickly get a grip on what is going well and what may require extra attention. The dashboard allows you to zoom in to the question level so that hidden pain points become quickly visible.

Give managers a tool for tracking their teams' work perceptions

All managers in the organization are able to log in to the Harry HR dashboard. The platform recognizes – based on the organizational structure – what they can and cannot see. This way, the branch manager only sees the results of the satisfaction survey for his location, while the general manager sees the results for all branches.

Get the answers to the questions that matter to your organization

Get started quickly with the included set of 150 SatisQuestions® for measuring the Employee Experience. Want to measure more, less or something completely different among your workforce? No problem at all! Without any technical knowledge, you can quickly create a new question or question set and you can choose whether these questions should be asked to all employees or to a selection of them.

Harry HR - Coinvolgere e informare i dipendenti

With our support you will be
live in 60 days

Harry HR - Piattaforma software per la misurazione del benessere aziendale

Burning matters for urgent measurement of sentiment

Make decisions that are supported by the staff

Sometimes there are issues in the organization that you would like to involve the staff in: Should we extend the opening hours? Is the new safety procedure clear to everyone?

You can get the answer to these questions and questions of a similar nature within a few hours using the Burning Matters in Measure from Harry HR. A Burning Matter – or a burning question – can be set up in the dashboard in no time and sent out to all employees or a pre-defined target group in the organization.

Immediately after sending out the Burning Matter, an e-mail and push notification is sent to the colleagues who need to be consulted, requesting them to answer the question. This makes all employees feel more involved in the decision-making process within the organization and allows you to make better decisions that are really supported by the entire staff.

Measure by Harry HR

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