Organization structure within Harry HR

One of the most important drivers of your HR Data is your Organization Structure. Within the Harry HR EXP you basically have two layers to connect to an employee

  • A Department
  • A Team

At the moment, Harry HR only allows up to one department and one team for each of your employees. You may easily set up Departments and Teams within it by navigating to Organization within the User Management section of the Harry HR Dashboard.

From here, you may also select one or more Department and or Team Managers.

If you are a Department Manager within the platform, you are able to catch up with all data which connects to your department. If you are a Team Manager you are able to view any insights of your team only.

When uploading a new Employees Data file via CSV, any new Departments or Teams will be set up automatically. Please be adviced that this import action is Case-Sensitive.

Only Department Managers, Team Managers and Harry HR Admins will have access to the Harry HR EXP Dashboard. Any other employees within your organization will have access to the Harry HR Employees Experience only.

Organization structure within Harry HR
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