Import employees into Harry HR

Harry HR works best if all your workers are able to access the platform.

Updating your employees data file can be done easy and quick by importing an updated CSV file containing the master data of your workforce.

In the Harry HR Dashboard navigate to Users within the User Management section.

On the right top of your screen tap on Export Users. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer including the current data set. Now, all you have to do is update the records and add in any new employees to the file.

If any of your employees left your organization you either remove that line from the CSV File or give in an end date for that employee. After this date or when the line for this specific employee is deleted, the access to the Harry HR platform is revoked for this person.

Now that you are done with updating the CSV File you need to upload it for changes to take effect. Tap the Import Users button which is located on the left of the Export Users button.

Pick and select the file you have just created and then map the columns of your data import to the ones on the Harry HR platform. With this functionality you may also use an exported file of your Core HR System and upload it to Harry HR straightaway by mapping the right columns.

After you have selected the right columns for the mapping tap on the Import Users button. A Pop Up will open in your screen to confirm your import.

By tapping on the Confirm button all updates will be made instantly.

The Import functionality also checks your current license on the platform. If you upload more employees than your current license allows your upload will fail. If so, please reach out to your Harry HR Customer Success Manager.

If you are looking for an automated way of synchronizing accounts on the Harry HR EXP and your Core HR System please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss what is possible.

Import employees into Harry HR
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Updated on 16 november 2021