Create a Social Knowledge Base item

Sharing knowledge is key to a good Employee Experience Design for any organization!

Via the Harry HR Dashboard you go to Knowledge and than navigate to Overview. Here, you will find all Social Knowledge Base items that are available in your organization. By tapping on the Add Item button on the right top of your screen you may add a new Social Knowledge Base Item.

Upfront, make sure that the category you want to put the item in is available. If not, first create a new Social Knowledge Base Category.

Now, give your new Item a clear title, select the subcategory and type a short but powerful description. Please note, the description is something else than the Item itself. Also keep in mind that the Harry HR EXP focusses on your employees. Thrive this any further by picking an Employee Friendly title.

Now open up the line with the Knowledge Base Item and tap the Add Answer to Item button.

From here on you are able to give in all content including any attachments, such as a YouTube video or a PDF Document, to your Social Knowledge Base item.

After adding in the right information for your new item do not forget to tap on the Save Button.

If you want your employees to quickly navigate to the knowledge you have created, make sure you generate a QR Code for it. From within the Employees Experience of Harry HR, your employees may quickly scan this QR Code and they will be redirected to this Knowledge Base Item instantly. This is extremely useful for knowledge on devices or specific spots in your locations.

Now that you are ready to publish your Social Knowledge Base Item tap on the Check Button and your item will be published instantly to the targeted group or groups of employees.

Create a Social Knowledge Base item
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Updated on 25 november 2021