What are SatisQuestions?

SatisQuestions is a blend of the words Satisfaction and Questionnaire. And that is exactly what SatisQuestions will deliver to your organization. By sending out SatisQuestions amongst your workforce you are able to quickly catch up with their emotions and wellbeing at work.

SatisQuestions consist of a specific question which is categorized into a Subpillar which falls within a larger Pillar.

In example, you may have a pillar called COVID-19 with a subpillar within it called Work From Home. Now, you may create a SatisQuestion within this subpillar to measure amongst your personnel if they feel comfortable when they work at home.

SatisQuestions will be shown on top of the Social Wall within the Employees Experience of Harry HR. A SatisQuestion can be replied to by a single tap on one of the shown Emojis. Within the Harry HR Dashboard an Emoji always reflects to a grade.

Our advice is to build up a crystal clear question with four Emoji answer options attached to it. From very positive to positive to somewhat negative to very very negative. You may attach the grades accordingly, which results in a ten, a seven, a four and a one.

By doing so, employees really need to think about the Emoji they tap on while on the other side you gather really valuable insights into your People Analytics and sentiment accross the Organization.

What are SatisQuestions?
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