Send out a Burning Matter

Catch up quickly with your employees by sending out a Burning Matter. A Burning Matter is a SatisQuestion that measures feelings amongst your workforce for one hot item within a very short amount of time.

To create a new Burning Matter, navigate to the Harry HR Dashboard. Now go to the Burning Matters page within the SatisQuestions section. On the right top of your screen, hit the Add Burning Matter button.

Give in the question you like to catch up on. Now select at least two Emojis that your employees may choose on if they answer this SatisQuestion. We advice you to pick four Emojis since it will give you a better understanding of the sentiment. Description for Answer Options will be shown just below the Emoji within the Employees Experience and tells your employees how they should interpret the Emoji.

Pro tip, the Emoji Picker helps you select from the most common used Emojis. However, you are free to give in any other Emoji you would like to use.

Now select any filters to target your Burning Matter to the right employees within your organization. Also select the date and time you want to start sending out this Burning Matter as well the ending date and time when the posibility to answer to this Burning Matter will stop. After the end date and time results are final.

Any new Burning Matter will be announced by an Email and a Push Notification to all targeted Employees. Employees who are targeted but didn’t give a reply to a Burning Matter yet will see the Burning Matter on top of their Social Wall.

Send out a Burning Matter
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Updated on 26 November 2021