How SatisQuestions are shown to employees

From within the Harry HR Settings you are able to define how much SatisQuestions to send out within a specified frequency cycle to your employees.

If there are any SatisQuestions unanswered by a specific employee, the maximum amount of SatisQuestions to ask within the cycle will be shown to this employee. Each SatisQuestion can be answered just once a year by each and every employee. SatisQuestions are send out randomly so all employees will see a different set of SatisQuestions. Hereby, you will have a complete understanding of the sentiment within your organization just after the first moment of sending out SatisQuestions.

On top of the Social Wall, at the homepage of the Employees Experience, SatisQuestions are shown in a seperate box. By a simple tap on of the Emoji answer options, the employee gives a reply to the SatisQuestion. Any results will be shown immediately within your Harry HR Dashhboard.

If there are no more SatisQuestions available for the employee, the SatisQuestions box within the Employees Experience will become invisible. If new SatisQuestions become available for an employee, this will be announced by an Email and a Push Notification.

How SatisQuestions are shown to employees
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