Adjust the interval between sent out SatisQuestions

SatisQuestions is an ongoing method to catch up on the sentiment and wellbeing amongst your workforce. SatisQuestions are send out randomly accross all employees based on the frequency and amount of questions as configured by your organization.

By default the platform sends out three random SatisQuestions to all employees every two weeks. To adjust the amount of SatisQuestions and the Frequency of it login to the Harry HR Dashboard.

Navigate to Settings and go to the SatisQuestions tab. On the right side you may adjust the frequency of sending out SatisQuestions as well the amount of questions per cycle.

If an employee answered the amount of SatisQuestions within the frequency given no more new SatisQuestions will be shown until the frequency starts over again. The Harry HR platform will never show more SatisQuestions to employees than the amount of questions you have specified in the dashboard.

So, if you have not replied to SatisQuestions in the last month and you are catching up again, no more than three questions will be asked if that is the amount of questions you have configured in the settings.

We recommend you to set up around 150 SatisQuestions divided in 8 or more pillars to have a good understanding of your workforce without overasking them. Based on the default settings and knowing that employees will take days off, this amount of questions makes sure all questions will be answered by all employees within a year. All SatisQuestions can only be answered once a year by an employee. If there are no more SatisQuestions to answer to by a specific employee, no more SatisQuestions will show up in the Employees Experience.

Adjust the interval between sent out SatisQuestions
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Updated on 25 november 2021