Set up a (targeted) resource

Resources allow you to integrate existing applications within the Harry HR Employees Experience. Now, all employees need is the Harry HR platform to navigate towards any other platform they already use. In example: They may quickly view their payslips or send out an IT Support Ticket without the need to search for the right channel.

To post on a Resource from the Dashboard first go to the Resources via the menu on the left.

Tap the Add Resource button in the top right corner of your screen and give in the details for the Resource. If you are integrating a tool that requires authentication, the advice is to link towards the login page of that specific platform. Always keep in mind that a resource is offered to your employees. Therefore, we advice you to set up resources with functional names like View your Payslips rather than the name of the platform you are linking to.

If you want to target the Resource for one or more specific groups, tap the field under Specify for groups. Now select the group or groups you want to target the resource to.

Tap on the Save button to add your new Resource. It will become available within the Employees Experience instantly.

Set up a (targeted) resource
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Updated on 23 november 2021