Set up a new training or course

The Learning Experience may be seen as a Learning Management System for your Employees. You are able to set up any kind of training yourself or by partnerring with one of the Learning Specialized partners of the Harry HR Network.

First, make sure there is a category available to put your training in. Check this from the LMS Categories page under the LMS Section within the Harry HR Dashboard.

Now, navigate to the Courses overview and hit the Add Course button.

Give in a title for your new course or training, optionally add in a Course Explanation and always write some Learning Objectives. The clearer you state information about the training here, the more attractive it will become for your employees.

Now select the category to put the course in and the amount of points that will an Employee earns in the Employee Loyalty Program once they have finished the training.

Lastly, select a color to spice up the Training Environment, mark if this training is part of Preboarding or Onboarding and upload a picture for the Learning Experience Catalog.

After saving your new Course you may miss it in the overview. That is because the Course should be filled first, before it becomes active. Turn on the Show Inactive toggle to show all deactivated courses, including the one you have just created, and start filling your new training with content now.

Set up a new training or course
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