Make a training or course part of onboarding

Making a training or course from within the Harry HR Learning Experience part of your Onboarding Journey is very simple.

Within the Harry HR Dashboard, navigate to the Courses Overview. Hit the Edit Button for the course you want to include in the Onboarding Journey. Now check the Onboarding box. This box is also available when creating a new course or training on the Harry HR EXP.

If you have assigned the training or course to specific groups it will be only included in the onboarding journey for those specific groups of employees.

Within the Settings of your Harry HR Platform you may turn on the Complete Onboarding First module. This makes sure that all employees must first complete all trainings and courses that are part of Onboarding before they are able to follow any other training within the Harry HR Employees Experience.

Make a training or course part of onboarding
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