Understanding the homepage of the Harry HR EXP Dashboard

After logging in to the Harry HR EXP Dashboard you’ll face a lot of data and insights. This may be a bit overwhelming to you. But don’t worry! Within this How To article we’ll describe what you’ll see and what you can do with it 👍

Depending on the modules you’ve activated you may see all or some of the following sections on the homepage:

  • SatisQuestions®
  • Social Wall
  • Social Knowledge Base
  • Employee Loyalty Program

If you want to focus on a specific element you may tap the ‘Title’ of a section to collapse that specific section.

Within this section you’ll catch up with the results of the Pulse Survey based on your organization’s SatisQuestions®. By default it shows the current ‘grade’ of your organization (or your team or department depending on the viewing rights you have), the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), the performance per ‘Pillar’ and the results of Burning Matters.

It gives you a strong feeling of the sentiment within your organization, department or team(s). The absolute line in the graph is the ‘Target’ your organization has set while the green line is based on the replies to all SatisQuestions® being answered. Both the sentiment as the eNPS look after all given replies regardless of the pillar or subpillar.

Burning Matters may be seen as a quick and urgent method to catch up on a specific (hot) topic. You’ll read about them more in their own How To article. If you’d like to deep-dive into the sentiment of your organization all you have to do is tap the chevron on the right side of any pillar. This will lead you towards the detailed overview of that specific pillar.

An eNPS above ’20’ may be seen as good, above ’35’ as excellent. You may read a lot more about it here.

Social Wall
This is all about internal communications at your organization. From the homepage we’d believe it’s important to catch up with the most seen posts as well ‘brand new’ content. That’s why we serve the ‘Most Seen Posts’ section as well as the ‘Just In’ section. If you’d want to know more about the employee who posted something, hover over his/her profile picture to see a snippet of their personal profile on the platform.

The ‘Eye-icon’ after a post shows the amount of total views for that specific post, while the ‘Person-icon’ shows the reach of unique employees have seen that posts (one employee may view specific content several times).

If you’d like to hop in to a specific post and see all comments and details on it, tap the chevron button on the right side of a line within the sections.

Social Knowledge Base
This section of the homepage is about all feedback and fresh created items on the Social Knowledge Base. When someone creates a new KB-item or leaves feedback at an existing item (i.e. the item is no longer valid) this is the place where you’ll be able to quickly catch up with it. This is especially useful if you quickly want to reply to the given feedback or authorize a new KB-item.

Employee Loyalty Program
If you already understand how the Harry HR Employee Loyalty Program works this section is a piece of cake for you! In short Harry HR has two type of Loyalty Points; Individual Points and Team Points. Individual Points can be spend within the Loyalty Store while the Team Points can be redeemed with a team for a specific reward the team-manager has set up.

With this section you quickly catch up with teams that have or almost have achieved the goal to redeem their team reward as well catch up with the leaderboards of both of the point types. In short: Active performing employees and teams show up here.

Understanding the homepage of the Harry HR EXP Dashboard
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Updated on 20 October 2021
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