Understanding the ‘Loyalty Program Insights’ page

All active employees on the Harry HR platform will receive Employee Loyalty Points from time to time. In general; If an employee actively engages and participates in your organization points will be given.

To get track on the points gathered by your employees simply tap Insights followed by Loyalty Program in the left menu within the Harry HR Dashboard.

The overview shows all transactions ordered by the latest transaction on top. Transactions can be both negative or positive.

Points are given to employees via compliments, for their active participation in the platform, if they share knowledge in the Social Knowledge Base, if they give valuable feedback, when they have completed a course or when a manager decides to give away points to a specific employee or team.

Those points will be shown as a positive transaction in the overview.

From within the Loyalty Store employees may spend their points for Loyalty Goodies as offered by your organization. Once an employee spend points in the Loyalty Store for Employees this will be shown as a negative transaction in the overview. Negative points will be also shown once an employee gives a compliment to a colleague and decides to bundle the compliment which some points of the personal amount.

Understanding the ‘Loyalty Program Insights’ page
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Updated on 11 November 2021