Understanding ‘Participation Points’

If you have the Employee Loyalty Program turned on within your Harry HR Platform, employees will collecting points when they actively participate within the platform.

We count participation as follows

  • A like on a Social Wall post
  • A like on a Social Wall reaction
  • A like on a Social Knowledge Base Item
  • Publishing a new post on the Social Wall
  • Placing a reaction on a Social Wall post
  • Answering a SatisQuestion®
  • Answering a Burning Matter
  • Time spent within the application actively using the Employees Experience
  • Creating a new Social Knowledge Base Item

Posting feedback for a Social Knowledge Base Item

Each of the above Participation Types will result in 1 Participation Counting. Within the Harry HR Dashboard you may go to Insights > Participation to see what the current Activity Threshold is for a specific Employee.

The Current Activity Column shows the current count for the Participations an employee has made. Once the Threshold is reached 50 Employee Loyalty Points will be given to that employee. The Activity Threshold will reset itself directly after that. The new threshold will be calculated based on the historic activity of the employee, between 30 and 60 activities. Because of this, you will see different thresholds for all employees.

Understanding ‘Participation Points’
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Updated on 26 november 2021