Grant points to a specific employee

Imagine: One of your employees delivered an outstanding performance and you want to show recognition and appreciation. Than you may send out a personal message to this specific employee including some Employee Loyalty Points.

In order to do so, login to the Harry HR Dashboard.

Now tap on Loyalty Program and then tap Grant Points. From the screen you are in now, you may select one or more filters to select the employee or employees you want to handover some Loyalty Points to.

On the right side of your screen, you will see the result of your filters. In short: These are the employees who will receive your message and the Employee Loyalty Points attached to it.

You may activate the option to also let the points count for the Teams Rewards by toggling this option on. The message that you state will be delivered by email to the employee who you have targeted to.

If you want to further emphasize the appreciation you may announce your giveaway on the Social Wall including a picture. Now, any colleagues that have access to the Social Wall Group you have posted the announcement to, will be able to leave an applause or a comment.

This functionality is part of the Employee Loyalty Program within the Harry HR Employee Experience Platform.

Grant points to a specific employee
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