Set up the ‘First Working Day’ event

The First Working Day communication event within the Harry HR Dashboard makes it possible to automatically send out a personalized email on the first working day for new employees.

By toggling the event to active you are able to set up the personalized Email by filling in the fields. Use this Email as a moment to positively embrace the coming of your new employee. Our advice is to use an inspiring subject like, Welcome to our Family!

You may also set up a Social Wall Post that will be published on the first working day of a new team member. If there is a Social Wall group for the team where the new employee starts working for this Social Wall Post is published into the Team Group. If not, the Post will be published into the Department Group or, if that is not available either, it will be posted into the All Employees Group.

Now all colleagues know about their new Colleague at the first working day of this employee.

Set up the ‘First Working Day’ event
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