Set up the Birthday event

Everyone likes a celebration on their Birthday. Harry HR may fully automatic send Birthday Wishes to your employees with a built in Communication Event.

From the Dashboard, navigate to Settings and tap to the Events section. Now navigate to the Birthday event.

If you want to turn on automatic Birthday Wishes turn on the event first. You may now configure an Email and a Social Wall Post that will be published once one of your employees celebrates their birthday.

You may define from which Email Address to send out the email from. In most cases this is the HR department address or a No Reply address. Now the define the subject for the Birthday Email. We would recommend you to use a teasing subject like, Congratulations! We have a present for you.

Now fill in the content for your Email, your Organization Name and the text to put on the button.

You may also want to announce Birthdays on your Social Wall. By turning this on the platform will automatically check for birthdays each morning and publish a Post on the Social Wall of the team the celebrating team member belongs to. If you upload multiple pictures within this section, the platform will pick one of them to attach to the Social Wall Post. By doing so, you will prevent that all Birthday posts will look the same. We advice you to bring in inspiring images or even WebP or GIF files with some animations to spice up your Social Wall.

Last but not least you are able to specify the amount of points to handover as a Birthday Gift to your employees. Those points are collected once the employee logs in to the Employees Experience and will count into their personal Points amount within the Employee Loyalty Program.

Once you have turned on the Birthday Communication Event it is activated immediately and check for any birthdays each morning. Right after the check Emails and Social Wall Post are send out and published.

Set up the Birthday event
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