Send out push notifications to Employees

Reach out to your workforce simply and fast by sending out a Push Notification from the Harry HR EXP Dashboard. Simply tap the ‘Send Push Notification’ button on the left menu first.

Enter a title – up to 20 characters – and a message – up to 60 characters and select one or more groups to send your notification to. Groups being shown in the options list are the groups as created throughout the ‘Groups’ function within the ‘User Management’ section.

Once you’ve hit the ‘Send Notification’ button your message is delivered within seconds on all employees who have subscribed to push notifications from the Employee Experience of Harry HR. Currently we support Push Notifications on Android, Chrome, Edge and Safari (From Smartphone to Desktop). Please note that – due to the fact Apple doesn’t support this (yet) on their ecosystem – iOS users are not able to receive Push Notifications on their iPhones.

Some tips on how to design a great Push Notification can be found here.
Send out push notifications to Employees
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Updated on 20 October 2021
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