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Release Notes – Fall 2022

Harry HR EXP - Release Notes Fall 2022

In the fall 2022 release, there are once again many major improvements and enhancements built into the Harry HR Platform.

In these Release Notes you will read which enhancements have been rolled out and their (possible) impact on your existing working practices and/or data. To keep the overview as clear as possible for you, the innovations are categorized by Product.


  • Lazy Loading integration within the Dashboard environment of Harry HR. Because of this the performance of your Harry HR Dashboard is further optimized for the following overviews:
    • Connect - Burning Matters
    • Connect - Flows
    • Loyalty - Team Challenges
    • Loyalty - Orders
    • Learn - Employees with unfinished onboarding
    • Hub - Resources
    • Core - Organization > Users
    • Core - Target Groups
  • External API improvements
    • From now on it's possible to connect your Harry HR Platform to Zapier (!). From now on it's possible to connect to over 5.200+ other Apps and Platforms easily and without extended IT knowledge via Zapier.
    • Trigger custom happenings via the External API (and Zapier).
  • Export Organization Organogram as an Image.
  • New default view for Organization; 3-column view making it easier to navigate.
  • Fetch all images via a more secure route by a new CDN. This means that any images on the platform are no longer called via their direct URL but via a secure route including extended authentication. By doing so we've made the platform even more secure.
  • Activated a watcher for User Inactivity. From now on you may set up a Follow-Up email and/or Push Notification to catch up with any workers that haven't visited the Harry HR Experience Employees App for a longer time.
  • Updated the QR-code scanner accross the platform for better performance.
  • Default Avatars for Employees are now automatically generated based on their initials; this improves the UX of both the Dashboard and the Experience.


  • Added new Slide Type within Narrowcasting; Birthdays based on location, team or department.
  • Option to also send an email and/or push notification with a Breaking News post on the Social Wall to empower your message and increase reach.
  • Moved the toggle to deactivate a flow to the upper side of the sidepane to prevent any misclicks on it.
  • Improved calculations for how many posts employees have read.


  • Complete revamp of the Onboarding Process within the Harry HR Platform. From now on you are able to create so called 'Onboarding Packages' with the 'Onboarding Builder'. Select both items from the Knowledge Base as well any trainings or courses from Learn to shape up a tailor-made onboarding program for your employees. Assign one or more Target Groups to any of your Onboarding Packages so that any new employees who will be filtered into these Target Groups will be assigned to the accurate Onboarding Packages fully automatic. Employees now will see a 'To-Do List alike' onboarding program in their Employee Experience (App). At multiple spots in the application we remember your employees to finish their onboarding program first if they haven't done already. As a manager you can easily catch-up with Onboarding Insights of your teams and/or Target Groups with the renewed Onboarding Insights module.
    If you need any help setting up a new Onboarding Package with the all new Onboarding Builder please reach out to us or your personal Employee Succes Manager.


  • Improved the Automatic Reminders for Knowledge Item evalution to the Knowledge Guard(-s) of that item.

If you have any questions, remarks or issues with the new release, please reach out to our Customer Support Team via email or the chat on our website or reach out to your Personal Employee Succes Manager. The roll-out of this Release is scheduled for the evening of 10th October 2022 - 17:00 Dutch Time (GMT+2).

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