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May 2023 Update – Release Notes – Harry HR Employee Experience Platform

We’re thrilled to announce the latest May update for the Harry HR Employee Experience Platform, bringing a host of exciting enhancements and features across our product suite to further elevate your employee experience. Here's what's new:

CORE - The Fundament of Harry HR

The Core, our backbone of the platform, received significant updates to improve the ease of use and performance.

  1. Enhanced Target Groups: You can now effortlessly set up or edit existing target groups based on the Years of Service and Start Date of employees. This update is perfect for automatically updating the target group for onboarding or offboarding personnel. Additionally, the performance of target groups has been significantly enhanced for a smoother experience.
  2. Improved Support: Our Employee Experience Experts at Harry HR can now seamlessly collaborate with customers to provide superior support and advice.
  3. Revamped Employee Profile Pane: The Employee Profile Pane within the Harry HR Dashboard and Harry HR App (Experience) has undergone a major enhancement. Features include viewing content access, sending direct messages via Harry HR - Chat, calling or emailing the employee. This makes the data more accessible for HR supervisors and leaders.
  4. Organization Overview: The employees' overview within 'Organization' has been optimized for better performance and clarity, making the maintenance of employee data faster, safer, and more efficient.
  5. Bug Fix and Import Improvements: We’ve addressed a bug that affected PDF zoom functionality on some mobile devices. Additionally, Employee Data Import via API and CSV files has been improved for enhanced performance and logging.
  6. Experience Toolbar: The Bottom Toolbar within Experience has been revamped for improved user understanding and overall user experience.

CONNECT - Streamlined Internal Communications

Connect's upgrade this month is bound to revolutionize internal communications within your organization.

  1. Introducing Chats: Employees can now chat with each other securely straight from the Harry HR Experience or Dashboard. Designed with familiar chat aesthetics, it also enables group chats for team-based or project-based discussions. To respect your work rhythm, Experience will send a maximum of 3 push notifications per day.
  2. Audio Files for Social Wall Posts: We're introducing the ability to add audio files, such as podcasts, to Social Wall Posts, offering more diverse content for your internal communications.

MEASURE - Continuous Employee Surveys

No updates for Measure this month, but stay tuned for future improvements.

KNOWLEDGE - Your Internal Knowledge Base

Knowledge has become more versatile, offering new ways to share and consume information.

Audio Support for Knowledge Items: You can now add audio files, like podcasts, to a Knowledge Item, catering to diverse learning preferences.

LEARN - Your Learning and Development Platform

Learn continues to offer more diverse learning content and experiences.

Audio Support for Courses: You can now add audio files, like podcasts, as a step within the course, offering a richer, more diverse learning experience.

SERVICE - Your Employee Service Desk

No updates for Service this month, but stay tuned for future improvements.

LOYALTY - Employee Rewards and Recognition

No updates for Loyalty this month, but stay tuned for future improvements.

We’re confident that these updates will further enrich your Harry HR experience. As always, we're committed to creating a productive, fulfilling, and innovative workplace. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

If you have any questions or require support, feel free to contact us.

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