Understanding Harry HR’s Social Knowledge Base

The Harry HR Social Knowledgebase is a place to share knowledge with colleagues throughout the organization easily. You may have used or still use tools and platform like Google Docs and Microsoft Sharepoint; The Harry HR Social Knowledgebase can be seen just like that.

All employees are able to view and post new knowledge but there is always someone ‘on top’ to review the quality of knowledge items before they are published.

A Social Knowledgebase Item consists of a title, a description and optionally one or more attachments. Attachments can be of various types; think of Pictures, PDF Documents, a URL, a video etc.

Categories of Social Knowledgebase Items may be targeted to one or more specific groups of employees. In example: Technical Documents for specific devices and machinery within your organization should be available to those from the Technical Teams but not for the ones working at the office floor. Target your Knowledgebase category to a Group with all technicians in it in order to hide it for the other workers – such like the office floor people – within your organization.

For any item you have the option to generate a QR-code. This QR-code can be printed to put on a specific location or on a device/object. Once the QR-code is scanned it will lead the employee to the Knowledgebase item that is attached to it. This is extremely useful for documentation on devices, safety guidelines and much more.

If you’d like to know more about this topic, your Customer Success Manager is happy to help 👍

Understanding Harry HR’s Social Knowledge Base