🎓 Transparent communication, characterized by information substantiality, accountability, and employee participation, largely contributes to employee trust, control mutuality, commitment, and satisfaction.

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📣 Harry HR - Connect®

Connect to your entire workforce

Harry HR – Connect® is a software platform for internal corporate communication. It connects workers, disregarding their function or location, with eachother and the organization. With Harry HR – Connect® you have a signle platform to orchestrate all internal communications. It helps you to reach, connect and engage all employees. The dashboard of Harry HR – Connect® shows exactly who you’ve reached and who you dind’t reach (yet) without the need for IT Knowledge.

Harry HR – Connect® works with a Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing Scheme:

  • 3,00 € työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa (1 - 500 kokoaikaista työntekijää).
  • 2,50 € työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa (500> työntekijää).

10% Discount on the Total Bill when you combine multiple Harry HR Products. Excluding Employee LoyaltyRewards Credits.

  • Target Audiences for Internal Communications
  • The Social Wall, internal Social Media alike platform
  • Easily Schedule Messages Upfront
  • Drag-and-Drop Email Campaign Editor
  • Social ‘Flows’ on the Social Wall to bring workers together
  • Automated Translations of Internal Communications
  • Insights in the Reach of Internal Comms
  • Insights into Reach per Company Topic
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Employees in over 21 countries enjoy Harry HR at work. They catch up, get engaged and motivated by The Social Network for Employees – The Social Wall. They communicate with all colleagues in any language and from any location or working site.

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A single platform for Internal Communications to reach your entire workforce

Organizations without a Centralized Platform for Internal Communications with Employees will find that they have more difficulties to engage and motivate their workforces. Harry HR – Connect® brings your leaders and internal communicators all the tools to create, orchestrate and send out messages, campaigns and updates; Increasing Employee Engagement and Higher Employee Retention Rates.

Keep all employees informed by emails, push notifications, messages on the social intranet or via television screens. Involve them in the organization’s communications and decisions through two-way communication on the Social Wall.

Nyt sinulla on aikaa keskittyä siihen, mikä on organisaatiollesi tärkeintä: inhimilliseen pääomaanne.

Internal Communication Platform that reaches every worker

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Reach your entire workforce. Regardless their function, location and device.

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The Social Wall đź’¬

You can think of the unique Social Wall in Harry HR – Connect® as an internal Social Media Channel for your organization. Create flows for all employees, a specific location or even working groups (IT, HR etc.). All employees can post and/or respond to messages themselves.

Thrive Conversations 👋🏽

The Social Wall is from and for all employees. From Social Flows – e.g. where Fitness Enthusiasts find each other – to a group for sharing HR information with jobmates; using Target Audiences you reach exactly the right target group. The algorithm of the Social Wall determines fully automatically which messages employees can and should see.

In any language 🔣

Reaching all employees can be challenging; especially when not everyone in the organization speaks the same language. Harry HR – Connect® has incorporated a unique Deep Learning translation module that allows all Internal Communications to be translated fully automatically into the language an employee speaks. This makes language barriers a thing of the past.

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Target Audiences are like fully automated contact lists.

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Target Audience Builder 🏗️

With the unique Target Audience Builder in Harry HR, you can easily set up a Target Audience based on filters on your already existing HR data. This target audience for Internal Communications is fully automatic; in short, if a new employee starts, they will be added to the correct Target Audiences fully automatically. This saves you a lot of time and you know for sure that you are reaching everyone.

Filter on HR-data 🎯

Building filters in the Target Audience Builder works with your existing HR data. So you can filter by location, contract type, department, office-based and non-office based, persona or any other type of field you store for your employees. No IT knowledge is required to build a Target Audience.

Reuse Target Audiences ♻️

Target Audiences can be reused in any other Harry HR product. For example, you can offer certain knowledge in Harry HR – Knowledge® or trainings in Harry HR – Learn® to the right Target Audiences. Building up Target Audiences is therefore very beneficial.

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Know which employees you do and do not reach.

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Reach Insights 🎯

With the comprehensive insights module in Harry HR – Connect® you can create comprehensive and clear reports without IT knowledge that tell you exactly which departments, teams, locations and even employees you did or did not reach with internal communications. These insights give you the tools to further involve all parts of the organization.

Company Topics âť—

Define which topics are of critical value within your organization and gain insight into the impact of internal campaigns on these topics. This allows you to measure the impact of an internal campaign on a business objective over a longer period and Harry HR – Connect® contributes – fully automatically – to the HR Value Chain.

Automated Follow-Ups đź“©

In every organization, you come across employees who do not feel connected toward the organization. The goal of Harry HR – Connect® is to make all employees, ambassadors of the organization. Employees who rarely or never participate in the communication streams are made enthusiastic through automatic follow-ups to participate in the corporate culture and internal communication.

Internal Corporate Communications Platform That Grows With You

From small to enterprise, Harry HR – Connect® grows with you and your teams to ensure your Human Capital receives the best Internal Communications Platform for Employees.

Saat 10% Alennuksen kokonaislaskusta, kun yhdistät useita Harry HR -tuotteita.


< 500 työntekijää
3,00 € työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa


> 500 työntekijää
2,50 € työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa

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Frequently Asked Questions about Harry HR - Connect®

A platform for internal communications – such as Harry HR – Connect® – is software that streamlines all flows of internal communications. From sending out an important update from the CEO to a call for volunteers to help with a company move.
With the smart toolbox of Harry HR – Connect® you can create a so-called Target Audience within the organization in no time so that you always reach the right employees. After you have sent out a message you will know exactly which departments, locations and teams you did and did not reach thanks to extensive insights.
By offering the platform as in a Social Media setting you enable colleagues to participate in conversations and issues. This makes employees feel more involved in the organization and exposes the true sentiment among your workforce.

Harry HR - Learn®:n hinnoittelumalli on pay as you grow. 500 työntekijään asti se maksaa 3,00 euroa työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa, sen yli 2,50 euroa työntekijää kohti kuukaudessa. 

Yes! Harry HR – Connect® has an external API available, so you can link it to other third-party tools and platforms. By doing this, you can trigger custom events; for example, when an employee calls in sick, send an automated email to give them a heart-to-heart.
Also, Harry HR links to the Zapier platform; allowing you to link Harry HR – Connect® to over 5,000 other platforms without extensive IT integrations!

With our extensive experience and successful track record, we are always ready to help you set up a successful strategy for your internal communications.
If desired, we can stay involved – at an additional cost – for a longer period of time in building an active communities within your organization.

Harry HR – Connect® is specifically built to establish contacts within organizations and between employees. Virtually all other platforms in this market have different “roots” and lack features that Harry HR does have built in. Think about far-reaching insights into which departments, teams and employees you do not reach – where other platforms mainly tell you who you do reach, or our unique expression for television screens in the office. This way you even get in touch with employees who do not have access to a PC or Smartphone (or do not want to use them).

Harry HR’s award-winning customer support team is always here to help you with all your (technical) questions.

We’re happy to explain how to create Target Audiences for internal communications but also share inspiration on how to create and maintain the right internal communications strategy. All questions are welcome and taken seriously.

As a customer of Harry HR, you have access to the customer community, chat and email support. You will always get a response from us within 2 business days. If you have an Enterprise License, you have a dedicated Employee Success Manager you can reach by phone and email. He or she will also call in regularly to see how things are going and to share Tips and Tricks.

Organisaatiosi toimii luottamuksen varassa, niin mekin. Harry HR lähestyy tietoturvaa, (työntekijän) yksityisyyttä ja valvontaa kokonaisvaltaisella lähestymistavalla. Alustamme perustuu uusimpiin teknologia-alustoihin, jotka takaavat nopean, vakaan ja turvallisen infrastruktuurin, joka pitää tietosi ja työntekijäsi turvassa. Lue lisää lähestymistavastamme Tietoturvallisuus täällä.

Out of the box, Harry HR – Connect® provides comprehensive insights and reporting capabilities regarding internal communications:

– For each message sent, view the number of views, sentiment and know exactly which departments, teams, locations and even employees you did and did not reach.
– Extensive analytics per communication flow regarding reach and sentiment.
– Insight into the reach per Topic (important subject for the organization) so you can track the reach of an internal campaign across multiple communication flows.

If there are other or more needs in the area of reporting, our team is ready for you to create a customized report.

Älä huoli, Harry HR on erittäin helppokäyttöinen, jopa ilman IT-osaamista. Jos kuitenkin tarvitset apuamme, voit aina ottaa yhteyttä tukitiimiimme tai omaan Employee Success Manageriin (Enterprise). 

By combining multiple Harry HR products, you get the most out of the Employee Experience Platform. Think of easily distributing and/or announcing new knowledge from the Social Knowledge Base; bringing attention to a new Course or Training in our Learning product or even rewarding employees with loyalty points within Harry HR – Loyalty® when employees actively contribute to communities within the organization.
Your personal Harry HR – Employee Success Manager will advise you in the best combinations for your organization.

Any organization can get started with Harry HR – Connect® within a couple of days! We need a file with data of your employees in order to provide them with a Harry HR Account. After that, our team will help you to successfully launch your new Internal Communications Platform for your Employees.

Saatat pitää myös muista tuotteistamme

Harry HR’s Internal Corporate Communications Platform is just one product of Harry HR’s full suite Employee Experience Platform. It lets your business get the most out of it’s Human Capital. Each of our products is powerful at it’s own, but they’re even better and more powerful when used together.

🌡️ Measure®

Saat tietoa työpaikan tunnelmista. Tee oikea-aikaisia mukautuksia reaaliaikaisen tietämyksen avulla inhimillisestä pääomasta.

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🏆 Loyalty®

Osoita arvostusta tärkeinä hetkinä nykyaikaisen kanta-asiakasjärjestelmän avulla.

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🎓 Learn®

Keskitä kaikki sisäinen viestintä. Tavoita ja sitouta työntekijät sijainnista tai tehtävästä riippumatta.

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📑 Tieto®

Tietämyksen takaaminen ja sen saattaminen saataville helppokäyttöisellä tavalla. Tietämystarpeiden selvittäminen.

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❓ Service®

Tarjoa 24/7-palvelua ja tukea työntekijöille; virtuaaliavustaja vastaa >70% täysin automaattisesti.

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