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Empower Your Teams with Loyalty Rewards and Recognition

Elevate työntekijöiden tyytyväisyys and engagement through meaningful rewards and recognition with Harry HR – Loyalty. Unlock a world of appreciation for your team’s hard work.

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Boost Employee Morale and Retention

Harry HR – Loyalty empowers organizations to foster a positive work environment by recognizing and rewarding employee achievements. By incentivizing loyalty and engagement, businesses can enhance employee morale and increase retention rates, driving long-term success.

Moments That Matter

Recognize and reward employee achievements with personalized loyalty moments, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.


Empower employees with loyalty points for their contributions, encouraging continued engagement and performance excellence.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with existing platforms to automate loyalty rewards.

Global Rewards

Offer employees a diverse range of reward options from a global catalog.

Customizable Rewards

Tailor to your organization's needs with custom rewards such as merchandise.

Unlock Employee Happiness

Recognize Achievements Instantly with Loyalty Moments

Empower your teams with personalized recognition moments, effortlessly sent through Harry HR’s intuitive digital dashboard, and conveniently received via the Employee Experience app, website, and email. Elevate morale and foster engagement by delivering timely appreciation for each milestone and success.

Seamless Recognition

Effortlessly send tailored recognition moments for every achievement.

Omni-Platform Access

Access loyalty moments across app, website, and email channels.

Intuitive Recognition Dashboard

Easily select and send Loyalty Moments and Points using the digital card shelf interface.

Leader Empowerment

Grant managers easy access to the Loyalty Dashboard for recognizing team efforts.

Reward and Redeem with Loyalty Points

Earn Loyalty Points for outstanding achievements and redeem them in the Loyalty Store for exciting rewards. Motivate your teams with tangible incentives tailored to their preferences.

Earn Points

Accrue points for achievements, encouraging continued excellence in performance.

Diverse Rewards

Explore a range of incentives in the Loyalty Store, catering to diverse preferences.

Personalized Experience

Tailor rewards to individual tastes, fostering deeper työntekijöiden sitoutuminen ja tyytyväisyys.

Seamless Redemption

Effortlessly redeem points for desired rewards, enhancing employee morale and motivation.

Meaningful Integrations

Leverage Harry HR Loyalty’s seamless integration capabilities to automate the delivery of Loyalty Moments based on organizational triggers and achievements. Optimize employee recognition and engagement effortlessly.

Versatile Integration

Effortlessly connect with various platforms via Harry HR's API and Zapier.

Automated Triggers

Trigger Loyalty Moments based on organizational events and achievements.

Streamlined Workflow

Seamlessly integrate Loyalty Points and Moments into existing systems for streamlined operations.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor integrations to suit your organization's unique needs and workflows.

Ilahduta työntekijöitäsi Vastustamattomat palkinnot

Työntekijöiden palkitseminen ei ole koskaan ollut helpompaa! Harry HR tarjoaa kuratoidun valikoiman yhteistyökumppaneita, jotka tarjoavat palkintoja, joita työntekijäsi rakastavat. Teemme yhteistyötä tunnettujen yhteistyökumppaneiden, kuten Amazonin, Zalandon ja monien muiden kanssa, jotta työntekijöillesi voidaan tarjota monipuolinen valikoima palkintoja ja tarjouksia. Kumppanuusverkostomme varmistaa, että työntekijöilläsi on laaja valikoima vaihtoehtoja lahjakorteista eksklusiivisiin alennuksiin. Mikä parasta: Sano hyvästit monimutkaisten logistiikka- ja talousprosessien hallinnointiin liittyvälle vaivalle. Me huolehdimme toimituksesta ja käsittelystä, jolloin säästät aikaa ja vaivaa.

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Smooth integration with your HR infrastructure

Harry HR – Loyalty seamlessly integrates with leading HR platforms like Workday and ADP, ensuring every employee receives timely communication throughout their journey, from perehdytys to offboarding. Harness the power of connectivity for a cohesive and engaging personalized employee experience.

Overview Functionalities
Harry HR - Uskollisuus

Discover the dynamic capabilities of Harry HR – Loyalty, engineered to elevate employee engagement and recognition within your company. From customizable Loyalty Moments to seamless integrations, empower your teams with a comprehensive loyalty solution.


Boost collaboration with an internal social media platform.

Targeted Recognition

Send tailored Loyalty Moments using automated lists.


Appraise and recognize employees seamlessly across various channels.


Pick Loyalty Moments from the Card Shelf and send instant appraisals.

Brand Design

Translate organizational identity into Loyalty Moments, maintaining consistency.

Global Rewards

Offer globally loved rewards, hassle-free. Give employees the freedom of choice.

Smart Integrations

Connect your Employee Loyalty Program to the API and Zapier.

Toimintakelpoisia oivalluksia

Gain insights into recognition and employee interest with actionable outcomes.

Company Rewards

Allow employees to redeem Loyalty Points for company discounts and merchandise.

General Questions

Find answers to common queries about Harry HR – Loyalty in our General Questions section. Discover essential information to enhance your understanding and optimize your experience with our platform.

Harry HR - Loyalty boosts employee morale, enhances retention, and fosters a positive work culture through personalized recognition and rewards.

Technical Questions

Explore technical aspects of Harry HR – Loyalty in our Technical Questions section. Get insights into system requirements, security measures, and integration capabilities to optimize your experience with our platform.

Harry HR - Loyalty prioritizes data security and implements robust encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Billing Questions

Explore billing-related inquiries in our Billing Questions section. Gain clarity on subscription plans, payment methods, and billing cycles to manage your Harry HR – Loyalty account effectively.

Harry HR offers several subscription plans to accommodate different organizational needs, including monthly and annual options with varying levels of features and support. Reach out to us for more information and to request a personalized quote for your organization.