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Birthday posts on the Social Wall

For every imported employee into Harry HR the system checks if there is a Social Wall group available with the name structure “Department of the employee – All employees”. If this group isn’t available already, it is automatically created. This happens for Social Wall groups with the name structure “Department of the employeeTeam of the employee” as well.

When automated birthday posts are created for the employees that celebrate their birthday that day the system will check if Social Wall groups with a certain name structure are available to post in. This happens in the following order;

  1. Team of the employee
  2. Department of the employee Team of the employee
  3. Department of the employee – All employees

If one of these Social Wall groups is available, the birthday post for the employee will be posted into that group. When non of these groups are available, the birthday post will be posted in the Social Wall group “All employees”. This Social Wall group is automatically during the activation of the Harry HR environment for your organization.

Birthday posts on the Social Wall
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